Bug #2338

Pipeline instance reloads interfere with user's tab selection

Added by Brett Smith over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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If I view the pipeline instance of a running pipeline, the page reloads every so often to show me the latest status. However, this reload consistently puts me back to viewing the "Components" tab of the page, even if I had switched to another tab. This takes me away from my work.

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Start running a pipeline.
  2. On the Workbench, go to Activity → Recent pipeline instances → Select a running pipeline
  3. On the pipeline page, switch to another information tab, like Graph or JSON.

Expected results:
I can take all the time I like to review the information on the selected tab, without interruption.

Actual results:
When the page reloads, the Components tab is selected and put in front of me.


Task #2520: Stash and restore current tab selection when replacing body content in js viewResolvedTom Clegg

Task #2563: Review 2338-maintain-active-tabResolvedTom Clegg


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#6 Updated by Brett Smith over 7 years ago

jQuery is not my forte, but it makes sense and is sensible.

I think it'd be possible to test this in an integration test. You could go to a running pipeline page, select a tab, make a small API request just to change updated_at, wait N seconds, and make sure that your tab is still selected. Admittedly this would probably be twice as much code as the bugfix, but I bet the hard parts would come in handy for future test development.

But if you think this is a case where we should defer testing for lack of infrastructure, I think this is good to merge. Thanks.

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