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Comprehensive "Sectioning" of Tapestry

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Tapestry structural improv.
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Continuing the work done as proof of concept in Story #2503, a comprensive sectioning off of Tapestry will force us to assess what parts of Tapestry are out of use and how the pieces fit together conceptually. The ideal will be a small set of "sections", where each one is optional.

The methodology is:

  1. Identify "modules" and assign config.yml keys
  2. Reference configuration when rendering partials and cells
  3. Reference configuration when authorizing in controllers

At each point we risk encountering questions of architecture because it will be evident that some reorganization of the code being done at the same time as adding these "sections" would make sense. Therefore this is a non-trivial but important story overall.


Task #2966: Consider a section option for Absolute Pitch SurveyNewPhil Hodgson

Task #2595: Specify desired authorizations scheme for TapestryNew

Task #3001: Make the Enrollment process into a Section that can be disabledResolvedPhil Hodgson

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Added by Phil Hodgson almost 8 years ago

Bug fix: disabling Signup Section and ending up at the "unauthorized" page was resulting in infinite redirection loop (refs #2850)


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