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Story #2503: Make it possible to disable/enable "sections"

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Added by Phil Hodgson over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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As agreed in email between Ward and Phil, because of an inadvertent merge we're going finish this story one up more or less at the stage it is at. At least, based on the story title, we can say that it is now "possible" to define sections of Tapestry, and that we're evolving a methodology for doing this. This story will be continued in #2850.


#1 Updated by Ward Vandewege over 7 years ago

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This command shows differences between the 2503-disablable-sections branch (locally checked out) and tapestry-master, thus showing me what to review:

$ git cherry tapestry-master
+ 008dbe5a8418e90daef8b5505877530f800b3ccd
+ 7036c65159410d8e42e618ff3a9942f3018f5e35
+ 934fcd0cf878487d44e6a7b66217588e4219273f
+ 97d2b4ab7530563e345c4ffcbebe93e2c58585aa


app/views/pages/introduction.html.erb line 23 refers to PUBLIC_DATA where it should be PUBLIC_PROFILE
app/views/pages/sitemap.html.erb line 46 remove tabs at start of line (use spaces)

934fcd0cf878487d44e6a7b66217588e4219273f: there is still one reference to #{Rails.root}/config/config.yml that needs replacing with site_config_filepath

97d2b4ab7530563e345c4ffcbebe93e2c58585aa: looks good.

Otherwise, good to merge I think!

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