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Feature #2886: Recurring: support beta users

crunch-job should save output manifests with permission hints stripped

Added by Brett Smith over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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crunch-job is failing to save Job outputs right now because it doesn't handle permission hints correctly. Example error message from the log:

2014-06-03_17:29:47 qr1hi-8i9sb-huk6pcv7w376ru0 4413  Failed to register output manifest: API call /collections failed: 422 Unprocessable Entity
2014-06-03_17:29:47 qr1hi-8i9sb-huk6pcv7w376ru0 4413  {"errors":["Uuid does not match checksum of manifest_text"]} at /usr/local/arvados/src/sdk/cli/bin/crunch-job line 813

This happens because it sends along a manifest+UUID pair with permission hints in it. However, the API server refuses to store manifests with permission hints. It strips them out, then compares the result against the provided UUID.

After collating output, crunch-job should read back the data using arv-get; strip +A hints from it; compute hash of what's left; and use that hash as the uuid for collections.create(), and use whatever collections.create() returns as the job's output.

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Added by Brett Smith over 5 years ago

2953: crunch-job strips permission hints from output manifests.

The API server also strips permission hints from submitted
collections, and will reject it if the specified UUID doesn't match
that result. As a consequence, this is necessary for crunch-job to
register output with the API server.

Closes #2953.


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