Bug #3789

[API] Pipeline template (temporarily?) disappears after move to project

Added by Bryan Cosca almost 4 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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arv pipeline_template create --pipeline-template "{}" {

:~/bcosc/crunch_scripts$ arv edit qr1hi-p5p6p-pg34h6t4loles1p name
:~/bcosc/crunch_scripts$ arv edit qr1hi-p5p6p-pg34h6t4loles1p components

I copied the components from peters bcbio pipeline: pipeline_templates/qr1hi-p5p6p-hu2ep9hu6sxzkq9

then saved it. I went to home and moved the pipeline template to projects/qr1hi-j7d0g-1cvbbnqwo4nx34v.
then when i looked in the project it wasn't there. I tried editing it arv edit qr1hi-p5p6p-pg34h6t4loles1p

and this is the error:

"Path not found"


#1 Updated by Brett Smith almost 4 years ago

  • Subject changed from Creating a new pipeline-template and getting an error token when copying to a project to [API] Pipeline template (temporarily?) disappears after move to project
  • Category set to API

Checking the API server logs, this is a standard "Object not found" 404, just like it looks like. The pipeline template owner changed at 2014-09-02T20:53:19Z, and then this error occurred at 2014-09-02T20:57:18Z, well after the change should've propagated. The template has not been updated since the move.

Bryan can see the template now, without administrator intervention, so the problem resolved itself with time.

If I remember right, the API server does some limited caching about who can read what. This bug makes it look like that cache might not be updated consistently.

#2 Updated by Ward Vandewege almost 4 years ago

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