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[Workbench] Fiddlesticks when rerunning pipeline with edited template

Added by Nancy Ouyang over 2 years ago. Updated 20 days ago.

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Well, I paused a pipeline instance, then cancelled both running jobs while they were still queued, made some changes to my pipeline template with arv edit, on workbench clicked "re-run with latest", and then got

Oh... fiddlesticks.
Sorry, I had some trouble handling your request.
undefined method `delete' for nil:NilClass


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#1 Updated by Nancy Ouyang over 2 years ago

Also happens if you click "re-run options" and "run now".
But probably the root issue is I updated the pipeline template into a broken one.

=== In more detail ===
--> I tried to coerce the ordering of the jobs to serial by adding to the second job
output_of:Create Two Files

which arv edit accepted, but trying to run this template made everything else sad.

===Oh, more detail! the issue was my runtime_constraints was inside my script_parameters

incorrect: script_parameters:{ runtime_constraints:{}}
correct: script_parameters:{}, runtime_constraints:{}

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Workbench may not be able to run the pipeline in these cases, but it should say that explicitly rather than crashing.

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