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[SDKs] Option to watch logs (instead of exiting) when queuing a job or pipeline instance using arv job create, arv pipeline run, etc.

Added by Tom Clegg over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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Much like the -c in xen create guestname -c.

Adding this to arv job create should be fairly straightforward: instead of exiting, run arv job log --uuid {foo} (or whatever #3980 looks like).

Adding this to arv pipeline run --submit should be just as easy: after submitting, either exec() or just switch to arv pipeline run --log-only mode.

Adding this to arv pipeline run --run-pipeline-here is a bit trickier but it comes with a prize. Since the a-r-p-i process itself needs to keep running and monitoring the jobs anyway, it should listen to a websocket instead of polling. This part of the story is a lower priority, though (it's not the most common use case) so it should be set aside until the above features are implemented and merged.

arv pipeline run --run-jobs-here doesn't need this at all, of course.

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Blocked by Arvados - Feature #3980: [SDKs] CLI tool to view real time logs from running jobs/pipelines, much like the Log tab of the Workbench PipelineInstance#show pageNew09/24/2014


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