Bug #4641

[Tests] A few projects related Workbench tests are failing in jenkins. Make them pass.

Added by Radhika Chippada over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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Radhika Chippada
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Looking at the fail-1.png, it appears that the page width used for the test is not wide enough and some of the buttons in project page (Add data, Run a pipeline, Add a subproject) are not visible. It might help to increase the page size for projects_test.rb.


Task #4648: Review branch: 4641-make-jenkins-tests-passResolvedRadhika Chippada

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Revision c9760bc4
Added by Radhika Chippada over 6 years ago

closes #4641
Merge branch '4641-make-jenkins-tests-pass'


#1 Updated by Radhika Chippada over 6 years ago

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#2 Updated by Tim Pierce over 6 years ago

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#3 Updated by Radhika Chippada over 6 years ago

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#4 Updated by Radhika Chippada over 6 years ago

What changed:

  • Use selenium driver in projects_test.rb
  • Set slightly bigger browser width
  • Update three tests that failed.
    • Add "wait_for_ajax" for test 'Check collection count for A Project in the tab pane titles'. On a side note, I suspect this actually never worked correctly earlier because the count must always have been 0.
    • Add confirm dialog OK button click for sharing tests upon Revoke action.

#5 Updated by Brett Smith over 6 years ago

Reviewing 5b3a6fb

In current master, the projects integration tests all pass when run by themselves. This suggests that the problem is not the tests themselves, but that state is leaking between tests. I would prefer to see a solution that cleans up that state consistently, rather than patching over the projects tests. Otherwise, the leakage may cause surprising effects for other tests later.

The build started failing after #4592 was merged, which added a test that resizes the browser window. Perhaps Capybara doesn't reset the window back to its original state after that? But whatever state is leaking, plugging the leak would be a lot cleaner, I think.

#6 Updated by Radhika Chippada over 6 years ago

Brett: no, #4592 did not add window sizing. The window sizing was added for #3117 and we had several successful runs since then.

#7 Updated by Radhika Chippada over 6 years ago

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Applied in changeset arvados|commit:c9760bc4b644c0aa877fb4137d2f6eac585ed945.

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