Bug #4756

[API] Add migration to change collection uuids to portable_data_hash in old job script_parameters

Added by Tim Pierce almost 7 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Following #3036 and #4269, collection uuids are forbidden from job script parameters. We have some unknown number of jobs in the database which reference input collections by uuid, and should add a migration to keep them consistent with new jobs.

The migration for this change will need to be careful to use the correct portable_data_hash for a collection as it existed at the time the job was created.

  • If the collection has not been modified since the job was recorded, then it should be safe to use the current portable_data_hash (this should cover most cases).
  • If, however, the collection has been modified more recently than the job, it will be necessary to process the logs for that collection to ensure that we use the portable_data_hash that was in effect at the time the job was processed.

Related issues

Related to Arvados - Story #3036: [API] Use regular uuids instead of content hashes to identify collectionsResolved08/07/2014

Related to Arvados - Bug #4269: [API] Disallow collection UUIDs in script_parameters, only allow portable data hashResolved12/04/2014


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Per discussion in sprint retrospective, not a bug. Moving to backlog for Tom's prioritization into a future sprint.

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