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Upgrade oauth1 code for google doc/spreadsheet sync to oauth2

Added by Ward Vandewege almost 7 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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Task #4983: Repurpose current OAuth1 controllers and models for OAuth2ResolvedPhil Hodgson

Task #4984: TestsResolvedPhil Hodgson

Task #4985: Update wiki documentationResolvedPhil Hodgson

Task #5229: Review 4766NewWard Vandewege

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#1 Updated by Phil Hodgson almost 7 years ago

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#2 Updated by Phil Hodgson over 6 years ago

Okay so I've committed in this branch what I believe to be enough work to get the GoogleSurveysController to synchronize a survey set up by a researcher to read data from a specified spreadsheet made available via Google's Oauth2. Now I am just wondering what is up with the GoogleSpreadsheet model and corresponding controller... What are these used for?

#3 Updated by Phil Hodgson over 6 years ago

My latest commit attempts to make the GoogleSpreadsheetController work according to my best guess. I was able to get it to do stuff, and now it reports errors a bit more consistently too.

#4 Updated by Phil Hodgson over 6 years ago

I've made some controller tests similar to what I'd done for Open Humans, but proper testing of the google surveys and spreadsheets stuff is going to take some doing: there's nothing existant to upgrade to Oauth2, so they'll have to be conceived from scratch. Do we want to include as part of this story some kind of model testing of google survey and spreadsheet synchronization and so on, which actually tries to simulate a spreadsheet with data?

#6 Updated by Ward Vandewege over 6 years ago

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#7 Updated by Ward Vandewege about 6 years ago

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This has now been implemented as part of #6430, because we didn't notice this ticked/branch were outstanding :/

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