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[Workbench] Log Graph - Feature requests

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Rather than create separate feature requests for the same thing, I thought it would be better to consolidate them into one issue: [correct me if this is not the right procedure].

- A checklist of what you want to see on the graph.
If you want to watch only one task, someone should be able to check off task 1 to view.
If you want to view only the memory or only the memory usage, there should be a checklist for that too.

- Scrolling back in time
Maybe I would like to backtrack and see what happened before.

- Comments
I'm not sure if the points with 0 are useful (eth, blkio) [Maybe its my ignorance of what the graph is actually trying to convey]. It seems to take away from whats going on with what is going on with the numbers that are fluctuating. It would be nice to more focus on data that is moving than what is stagnant at 0.

I remember at the sprint review that the y-axis is hard to implement, but a thought could be using the max amount of memory/cache/swap available in the core as a benchmark? I would like to see if I'm using the max amount of RAM, so that I don't turn to swap for memory (because its so slow).

crunch-art.png (497 KB) crunch-art.png Tom Clegg, 01/25/2016 08:32 PM


Task #5649: [Workbench] We need better job graphs, less spaghettiNew

Task #5791: [Workbench] Job log memory and swap lines should use the same scaleNew

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Possible way to display data from a longer time interval, with opportunity to zoom:


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Showing just one task, or summing stats across all tasks, would be good options to have when you see this:

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