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[Docker] Auto setup as much as possible for new users

Added by Brett Smith over 6 years ago. Updated 20 days ago.

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The API server Docker image is configured with auto_setup_new_users, but none of the related settings like auto_setup_new_users_with_repository. If a user starts using Docker Arvados by logging into Workbench with their Google account, it'll appear to work, but they'll regularly trip over things that would normally be there on a production system but aren't here.

At the very least, the API server Docker image should set as many auto_setup_new_users_* settings as possible to true.

We may also want to consider adding new auto_setup_new_users_* settings to make this entire experience friendlier. For example, it would be nice if a corresponding account appeared on the Docker shell server.


#1 Updated by Brett Smith over 6 years ago

Alternatively, maybe we shouldn't do any automatic user setup at all, and instead make sure the user is consistently encouraged to use the user already set up in the Docker container. We already write an Arvados settings.conf with that API token. Maybe we should also give them a Workbench URL with that API token; instructions to clone that git repository; etc.

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