Feature #5415

[Workbench] Improve presentation of anonymously-viewed collections (via both "sharing link" and regular copy-and-pasted Location)

Added by Tom Clegg about 6 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Tom Morris
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Features wanted
  • "wget-friendly" page should have a link -- which wget/curl tools know not to follow -- to the regular web view. (At least if the collection is readable by anonymous or current user; ideally, even if a reader token is required.)
  • Regular web view should work with a reader token.
  • Both views should show the collection's permalink (curover.se/uuid)
  • UI should help user choose the right sharing feature ("get link to share" vs. sharing the collection/project and sharing the regular link)
    • Perhaps move the "get sharing link" feature into a Sharing tab?
    • Perhaps rename "get sharing link" / "shared at", to disambiguate from newer "share with specific users/groups" feature?
  • Show the description in its own tab
    • If the description isn't empty, the description tab should be the initial/default one. Otherwise, Files should be the default.
  • If the collection contains a README.md file, render it in a "README" tab
  • Get rid of "no source information available".
    • Move "output of X" and "activity" info into a "History" tab.
  • Find a smaller (but still findable) way to show the content hash. (Perhaps next to the copy/move buttons?)


Task #5376: [workbench] wget link or download-all link in public collectionsNew


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