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Feature #5090: [Documentation] Add some direct links on doc.arvados.org to the most useful redmine pages

[Documentation] Revert doc-to-homepage

Added by Nancy Ouyang about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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1. Title -> Arvados | Documentation
2. Top left link: Arvados -> Arvados Docs
3. Top right link: Developer Site -> arvados.org

Anything else?

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Revision 18ac672a
Added by Radhika Chippada about 5 years ago

closes #5440
Merge branch '5440-remove-doc-getting-started'


#1 Updated by Nancy Ouyang about 5 years ago

4. Remove "/start" section entirely for now
5. Add port-a-pipeline into the "/user" section

#2 Updated by Radhika Chippada about 5 years ago

Review comments:

  • Please remove the commented code once you are through with all your doc migration as we talked.
  • Please consider making it one line with no extra <p> for the Quickstart blurb in the doc home page.


#3 Updated by Radhika Chippada about 5 years ago

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