Feature #5495

[Workbench] Change "recent pipelines" to curated selection of "public pipelines"

Added by Nancy Ouyang about 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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See attached screenshot.
This a quickfix.

We should include a "public pipelines" and "public collections" panels underneath the "recent pipelines" and "recent collections". Ideally, on first login, "recent pipelines" and "recent collections" is empty (otherwise, they may wonder about security / if everyone can see their pipelines or data) and they see public pipelines / collections on the page. Then as they start running pipelines, the public pipelines / collections can get pushed under the page fold.

Mockup attached, however is incorrect (shows deletion of 'recent pipelines' and 'recent collections', however these two views are not easy to discover if they are not on the dashboard).

We should also publish some guidelines for inclusion in curated selection:
1. documented
2. has readme
2. describes how to check that output of pipeline is correct

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#1 Updated by Nancy Ouyang about 6 years ago

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#2 Updated by Nancy Ouyang about 6 years ago

Quickfix -- see mockup https://arvados.org/issues/5493#note-2 , essentially don't change workbench dashboard for now, instead add link in "?" top dropdown menu to wiki page, https://arvados.org/projects/arvados/wiki/Public_Pipelines_and_Datasets

#3 Updated by Brett Smith about 6 years ago

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The quickfix above has been implemented. I'll leave this open for the larger dashboard change.

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