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Bug #3989: [Workbench] [DRAFT] Fix clock/node time reporting on Workbench pipeline page

Fix reported scaling factor for failed jobs (see notes)

Added by Ward Vandewege over 6 years ago. Updated 20 days ago.

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For example, su92l-d1hrv-wo4tw2o83t7o0h8, where the scaling factor (and compute time used by the failed job) keeps increasing.


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app/views/pipeline_instances/_running_component.html.erb sums the runtime of each component task. If the task doesn't have its finished_at attribute set, the code uses Time.now. That code should probably fall back to the job's finished_at if that's set.

We may also want to see about ensuring each task's finished_at is set in crunch-job, although I think there's at least one theoretical corner case where it's not supposed to be. (Just off the top of my head—I might be misremembering.)

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