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[Workbench] [Fiddlesticks] Live job log should show recent history

Added by Peter Amstutz about 4 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Jobs can get in this state if the arv-put process that crunch-job ran to create the log fails. See, e.g., qr1hi-8i9sb-yuch10zftex4cip.

This happens because _show_log.html.erb has a couple of expressions like logcollection.files[0][2]. In this case, logcollection.files[0] is nil.

Functional requirements: Workbench should check when a job's log field is nil or the empty collection. In either of those cases, it should fetch logs from the log table and render those, along with a warning that the logs might be incomplete because of throttling.

Implementation: When you go to the live log tab on a pipeline, it gets the last 1000-2000 lines of history. However, the live log tab for an individual job does not show any history. The job log should behave similarly to the pipeline instance.

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Has duplicate Arvados - Bug #6993: [Workbench] Job log tab crashes when the job's log is the empty collectionDuplicate08/14/2015


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Making it clearer at a glance that this is a crashing bug.

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