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[Workbench] Provide additional guidance to users running their first pipeline

Added by Nancy Ouyang over 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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Nico says that, after exiting the tutorial, when he clicked "run a pipeline", he encountered a list of 20 pipelines and he randomly picked one (lobSTR, because it sounded tasty).

This is undesirable since it's confusing and also not all the pipelines new users can have access to may be "high quality".

1) The quickfix would be to limit to 1-3 pipelines and collections that the new user has access to initially, e.g. until they hit a button "unlock advanced mode" or something.

2) Alternatively: make "popovers" on each page, like

However the #2 might require an overhaul of Dashboard.

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#3 Updated by Brett Smith over 4 years ago

The "quick fix" doesn't seem so quick because different users will have different levels of familiarity with different pipelines.

#4 Updated by Nancy Ouyang about 4 years ago

Ah, the idea is to limit the pipelines available to match the ones we use in our in-depth step-by-step tutorials, by default on first-time use. And if the user has a specific pipeline they are familiar with, they can "opt-out" and hit a button to reveal all the pipelines available to them normally.

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