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Bug #5883: migrate to updated oauth

Setup OAuth2 credentials with Google

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The OAuth2 needs credentials setup with Google.

From Tom's post: https://arvados.org/blogs/30

Step 1. Tell Google Developer Console how to recognize your web application.

  • Visit https://console.developers.google.com/project
  • Click “Create Project”. Give it a name and ID.
  • In the new project, click “APIs” in the “APIs & auth” section in the left nav.
  • Find “Google+ API” in the big list and enable it.
  • Click “Credentials” in the “APIs & auth” section in the left nav.
  • Under OAuth, click the “Create a new Client ID” button. In the dialog:
  • Application type: Web application
  • Authorized Javascript origins: https://your-app.example.com/
  • Authorized redirect URIs: https://your-app.example.com/google-oauth2.php
  • Yes, you can use stuff like “localhost:1234” in both of these fields, for testing.
  • Click “Create Client ID”
  • You should have a “Client ID for web application” table on the right.
  • Copy the client ID and client secret. You’ll need those soon.


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