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[Workbench] Make it possible to share project with other users I can't see

Added by Nancy Ouyang over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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I would like to share a project containing private data with another person.

Potential solutions?
1) Private sharing link (no account creation needed) -- I don't think this exists yet?

2) Account creation needed
IN the latter case, if I am not admin on su92l, under the "share with users" tab, I can only share with myself! Not helpful. Ideally, if I enter in a gmail account email address, it should send an invite to that person. Or perhaps, given some sort of user uuid (that does not try to match), I can add that specific person.

Related issues

Is duplicate of Arvados - Feature #5297: [Workbench] Enable users to share with any other userNew02/23/2015


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Closing as duplicate of #5297.

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