Bug #6886

[Documentation] A user with an older install may land in a page that requires the "latest" prerequisites.

Added by Radhika Chippada about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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We might want to address this situation as part of our "make it easy to install arvados" effort.

My arvados install is at least 3 months old. I do not necessarily go back and execute the prerequisites on regular basis. I was trying to access the Install git server page and failed when installing arvados-git-httpd and it took me a while to realize that it could be because I may be missing some prerequisites.

I think it would be useful to prompt the user with what prerequisites are needed in a give page / remind the user to verify prerequisites in the install pages.


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The only prerequisite listed on the prerequisites page that actually needs to be installed ahead of time is the package repository. As long as you have that, the instructions on any given page will work. If you don't, the instructions should fail early, because you won't be able to even install the packages, let alone configure them.

So are you suggesting that every page of the install guide should start with a sentence like, "Make sure you set up the Arvados package repository on your system?"

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