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[Workbench] Show all known runtime_constraints in job status pane

Added by Brett Smith over 5 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.

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Now that Node Manager supports multiple node sizes, a job's runtime_constraints become more important for debugging it. If a job failed because, e.g., it ran out of RAM, it's good to see how much RAM it requested.

In the job status pane, show all known runtime_constraints. Note that some of them (docker_image, arvados_sdk_version) are already shown. Those are fine as they are don't need to be reimplemented.

It would be nice to make this human-readable by including units in the display. e.g., it could read:

This job requires 4 node(s), each with:

  • 8 core(s)
  • 4096MiB RAM

The simplest thing would be to simply show a JSON dump of runtime_constraints, like we do with script_parameters.


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#2 Updated by Bryan Cosca over 5 years ago

Random things I want with the job panel page:

It would be great if in that job panel page you can click on the collection hashes in the script_parameters list to take you to the input collection.

One thing I don't like, but don't know how to solve, is sometimes I need to copy the uuid of a job and its hard to copy that uuid link without getting the rest of the text on the bottom.

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