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[SDKs] `arv keep docker` supports `repo:tag` image name scheme

Added by Brett Smith over 1 year ago. Updated 16 days ago.

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Right now the syntax is arv keep docker repo tag. We can keep supprting that, but adding support for arv keep docker repo:tag would be more like the rest of the Docker universe, including other Arvados Docker references like the job runtime constraint.


Task #12363: Review 8333-docker-repo-tagResolvedPeter Amstutz

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Merge branch '8333-docker-repo-tag'

closes #8333

Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Tom Clegg <>


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Jeff Jasper from q^2 bumped into this problem. Can we fix this?

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So it turns out that you can specify a port when using a custom registry, e.g. "myregistry.io:8888/repo/image:tag"

Here's how cwltool does it:

            sp = dockerRequirement["dockerImageId"].split(":")
            if len(sp) == 1:
            elif len(sp) == 2:
                #  if sp[1] doesn't  match valid tag names, it is a part of repository
                if not re.match(r'[\w][\w.-]{0,127}', sp[1]):
                    sp[0] = sp[0] + ":" + sp[1]
                    sp[1] = "latest" 
            elif len(sp) == 3:
                if re.match(r'[\w][\w.-]{0,127}', sp[2]):
                    sp[0] = sp[0] + ":" + sp[1]
                    sp[1] = sp[2]
                    del sp[2]
            repository = sp[0]
            tag = sp[1]

#9 Updated by Tom Clegg 16 days ago

Updated & added tests for "host:port/repo/img:tag", "[::1]:port/repo/img", etc.

8333-docker-repo-tag @ 5832cd21b303fcffa4ff84390a046019274bc7cb

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8333-docker-repo-tag LGTM

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