Bug #9223

[Node manager] Uses huge amount of RAM on AWS

Added by Peter Amstutz almost 5 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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When node manager starts on AWS, it quicky uses a huge amount of RAM (2 GiB) despite not doing anything.

I've tracked this down to arvnodeman.computenode.driver.ec2.ComputeNodeDriver._init_image_id which calls libcloud.compute.drivers.ec2.BaseEC2NodeDriver.list_images. It seems that the problem is (a) it is listing a huge number of images (many thousands) and (b) it is retaining a lot of memory even for image records that should be GC'd.

We are currently using libcloud 0.16 on AWS which is an very out of date version.

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Revision 1ba39510 (diff)
Added by Lucas Di Pentima over 3 years ago

12055: Avoid RAM exhaustion on bootup by asking AWS only the AMI
list owned by 'self'. refs #9223 #12163

Arvados-DCO-1.1-Signed-off-by: Lucas Di Pentima <>


#1 Updated by Peter Amstutz almost 5 years ago

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#2 Updated by Peter Amstutz almost 5 years ago

As a first try I suggest updating libcloud to the latest version we have packaged (0.20 I think?)

#3 Updated by Tom Morris over 4 years ago

The current version of libcloud is 1.2.1. We should definitely not be using a <1.0 release when 1.0+ is available.


#4 Updated by Peter Amstutz over 4 years ago

The complication is that we're using a fork of libcloud which adds the Azure support that we need. We should try to get that merged upstream but requires allocating some engineering time to move it through the process.

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resolved in #12163

#6 Updated by Peter Amstutz almost 3 years ago

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