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[FUSE] Trash directory to list, inspect, and un-trash trashed collections

Added by Brett Smith almost 5 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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Tom Morris
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Add a new TrashDirectory class. It has two subdirectories: home, a ProjectDirectory for the current user, and shared, a SharedDirectory. That structure is similar to what you get in the default mount, but then differences from here:

  • The only collections listed in any of these directories should be expiring collections (ones whose expires_at attribute is not null).
  • The TrashDirectory itself and everything under it are read-only, regardless of the --read-write setting. This helps avoid surprising users by letting them add files to a collection that will expire soon. (If they really want to do that, they can still access the specific collection by its UUID.)

In --all mode, the TrashDirectory appears under the mount root, named trash.

Add a --trash switch to make the TrashDirectory the mount root.

Add a --mount-trash switch to specify a path where the TrashDirectory is mounted under the mount root (akin to the other --mount-* flags).


  • We don't need a by_id subdirectory in the TrashDirectory. You can already access expiring collections through the regular MagicDirectory. This is also how you can write to an expiring collection.

Related issues

Related to Arvados - Story #9278: [Crunch2] Document/fix handling of collections with non-nil expires_at fieldIn Progress06/01/2016


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