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[FUSE] rmdir on CollectionDirectory sets expires_at

Added by Brett Smith about 5 years ago. Updated 20 days ago.

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Tom Morris
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As of this writing, if you rmdir a CollectionDirectory in FUSE, it uses the collections/delete API. Instead, it should calculate a timestamp that is defaultTrashLifetime (or, if that's not set in the discovery document, blobSignatureTtl) seconds in the future, and update the collection's expires_at attribute to that value. The CollectionDirectory should still be removed from its parent, as now, because expiring collections do not appear in most directory listings (see #9584).

Related issues

Related to Arvados - Story #9278: [Crunch2] Document/fix handling of collections with non-nil expires_at fieldIn Progress06/01/2016

Copied from Arvados - Feature #3900: [Workbench] Trash button on collection uses "delete" API instead of setting expires_at/trash_atResolved02/10/2017


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