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[Crunch2] [Workbench] Select a Javascript client framework for future development

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As we implement new client functionality, it would be useful to know what our future direction is for Javascript frameworks.

This may not be strictly required for #9043, but since the discussion started in the context of that story, I'm using it as the parent for the time being.

Obviously a team decision in conjunction with Ward, but I've assigned Tom since he's started the investigation.


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There are two contenders.
  • Mithril has technical advantages (speed, simplicity).
  • React has a bigger community.
My goals here are:
  • Efficiently testable, maintainable code.
  • Fast (virtual DOM → fast-responding application → enjoyable user experience).
  • Views are functions, written in a programming language. (They return virtual DOM elements -- it doesn't help to write them as HTML templates.)
  • Possibility of pre-rendering on server side (e.g., using V8).
Advantages of Mithril:
  • Components are just objects -- they aren't tied to some framework class or magic initialization procedure. Better for testing.
  • Good concise vdom syntax: m('.row', m('.col-md-12', 'foo bar'))
  • Fast
  • Small
Disadvantages of Mithril: looks worthwhile. is an interesting alternative to the obvious mithril+bootstrap approach.

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