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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Updated % Done Hours
14560 Arvados Bug Resolved Urgent [1.3.0] error: ERROR: string is too long for tsvector (2299194 bytes, max 1048575 bytes) Tom Clegg 02/21/2019 05:44 PM

4134 Arvados Support Resolved High [Support] fix bugs and write tests (second half) Radhika Chippada 10/30/2014 12:47 PM

17846 Arvados Bug New Normal [tutorial] inconsistencies/roadbumps Ward Vandewege 05/06/2022 03:31 PM

6076 Arvados Bug New Normal [API] walk api server installations and ensure modified_at for collections is unique + ensure modified_at is enforced to be unique at the api level. 07/07/2021 06:29 PM

4536 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [SDKs] arv tag is broken 10/02/2015 01:12 PM

18101 Arvados Bug New Normal [a-d-c] [AWS] add option to spin up (spot) instances in more/all availability zones in the region 09/03/2021 08:16 PM

4121 Arvados Bug Closed Normal [Crunch] cancelled job did not get cancelled at the slurm level 01/18/2017 07:08 AM

2839 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal collection log links broken in workbench 05/21/2014 01:01 PM

18311 Arvados Bug New Normal [cwl] test 221 in the 1.2 conformance suite is failing on singularity Peter Amstutz 05/06/2022 06:40 PM

18161 Arvados Bug New Normal [a-d-c] the arvados_dispatchcloud_queue_entries prometheus metric should report actual instance types 09/16/2021 04:41 PM

4770 Arvados Bug New Normal [Workbench] after file upload, the files tab should refresh immediately (overriding the 15 second throttle) 07/07/2021 06:31 PM

18292 Arvados Bug New Normal [cleanup] remove AssignNodeHostname from the configuration. Also from the documentation. 10/22/2021 09:24 PM

4427 Arvados Bug New Normal [Workbench] Each active job/pipeline on the dashboard should show how many worker nodes are allocated to it. 07/07/2021 06:35 PM

16043 Arvados Bug Closed Normal There was an error while trying to load the gem 'arvados'.Gem Load Error is: can't modify frozen String 01/29/2020 04:49 PM

18686 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [a-d-c] compute node stuck Ward Vandewege 01/28/2022 04:17 PM

17942 Arvados Bug New Normal [arv-mount] requests manifest text multiple times when mounting collection 08/09/2021 03:41 PM

3250 Arvados Bug Closed Normal [Workbench] on the new link page, the link_class field will not save until head and tail are filled in 01/03/2020 04:27 PM

13594 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal PG::TRDeadlockDetected when running cwl tests in parallel Tom Clegg 07/23/2018 06:52 PM

17775 Arvados Bug New Normal [a-d-c] the user should be able to see when preemptible nodes get shut down and the running container requeued 12/14/2021 09:01 PM

7166 Arvados Bug New Normal [API] specifying an invalid filter should result in an error 07/07/2021 06:28 PM

4474 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [Node Manager] Node manager shut down node in middle of job 11/14/2014 09:11 PM

4780 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [Support] Fix bugs and write tests (week 4) Tim Pierce 01/07/2015 05:27 PM

11844 Arvados Bug Closed Normal [Workbench] incorrect text about log messages on empty collection 12/31/2019 08:48 PM

3831 Arvados Bug Closed Normal [Crunch] inconsistent find_or_create behavior in pipeline runner vs job 03/09/2017 09:44 PM

3031 Arvados Bug Closed Normal [Crunch] crash when trying to re-run job (docker image not found) 01/03/2020 04:28 PM

18671 Arvados Bug New Normal [go sdk] update documentation 01/24/2022 09:33 PM

17160 Arvados Bug New Normal [packaging] upgrade to use twine for upload to PyPI 11/23/2020 04:28 PM

3004 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal Inconsistent error behavior (JSON) when creating a new job 06/10/2014 03:02 PM

17347 Arvados Bug New Normal crunch-run --list fatal error out of memory 02/05/2021 05:22 PM

8761 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [Nodemanager] unexpected keyword argument ex_fetch_nic 03/29/2016 12:59 PM

9214 Arvados Bug Closed Normal no node being spun up for pending job (after docker load failed) 01/21/2020 06:21 PM

14576 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [1.3.0] performance: slow postgres collections queries Peter Amstutz 02/21/2019 05:44 PM

8871 Arvados Bug Closed Normal [Node Manager] Doesn't kill itself when unhandled exceptions are raised during actor setup 11/04/2020 05:12 PM

4336 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [Documentation] Improve the 'Upload data to Keep' documentation page at Ward Vandewege 11/22/2014 10:10 PM

10520 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [CrunchV2] arvados-cwl-runner unhandled error when using --create-template 12/14/2016 08:34 PM

10408 Arvados Bug New Normal 4xphq keep balance api request causes oom on api server 07/07/2021 06:22 PM

4452 Arvados Bug New Normal [Workbench] Report a Problem" menu item does not like being opened in a new tab/window. 07/07/2021 06:35 PM

14153 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [gem] make google-api-client compatible with ruby 2.3.7 Ward Vandewege 09/17/2018 12:53 PM

18393 Arvados Bug New Normal [workbench2] forces relogin on every new window/tab 11/19/2021 02:43 PM

16958 Arvados Bug Closed Normal [arvbox] api server startup is unreliable Ward Vandewege 10/07/2020 12:59 PM

3890 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [API] dots (and probably other valid characters) are being stripped from git repository names. The name field in the output of arv repository get_all_permissions is wrong (it strips characters that are valid) 09/24/2014 02:01 PM

16566 Arvados Bug New Normal [cli] can't create a token when using a token created with create_superuser_token.rb 07/06/2021 09:08 PM

3999 Arvados Bug Closed Normal [Workbench] Pipeline timing number oddities 03/09/2017 09:45 PM

4891 Arvados Bug Closed Normal [Node Manager] Should not associate node with incorrect arvados node object 01/05/2015 02:00 PM

16929 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [login federation] search interface incorrect notification 10/07/2020 06:21 PM

4298 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [Workbench] Admin user should see cpu/ram/scratch capacity after clicking a compute node 04/03/2015 08:24 PM

17745 Arvados Bug New Normal [config] arvados-server config-dump with ec2 driver has confusing output 07/06/2021 09:08 PM

8621 Arvados Bug New Normal [Wiki] Clean up Computation_and_Pipeline_Processing page 07/07/2021 06:25 PM

17937 Arvados Bug New Normal [workbench] uploader is hardcoded to X-Keep-Desired-Replicas: 2 08/13/2021 04:40 AM

4767 Arvados Bug New Normal [API] Discovery doc should fix its incorrect "list" method description to be identical to "index" 07/07/2021 06:31 PM

16468 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal clean up packer build image for jenkins federation tests Ward Vandewege 08/04/2020 08:52 PM

12660 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal cwl-conformance-tests jenkins job hangs on composer Peter Amstutz 11/28/2017 07:59 PM

18008 Arvados Bug New Normal [api] reqid not always being recorded in the api server log 08/11/2021 05:06 PM

17765 Arvados Bug Duplicate Normal [arv-put] assumes text only input when reading from stdin 06/08/2021 06:08 PM

18385 Arvados Bug New Normal arvados-server config-dump | arvados-server config-check -config=- spurious warnings 11/16/2021 09:06 PM

18000 Arvados Bug New Normal [deduplicationreport] negative number in the "saved by Keep deduplication" report 08/10/2021 01:27 PM

18983 Arvados Bug In Progress Normal [config-check] should warn when LocalKeepBlobBuffersPerVCPU will be ignored Tom Clegg 05/17/2022 05:37 AM

10844 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [API] arv-keepdocker fails with undefined method trash_at_changed? 01/09/2017 03:49 PM

17424 Arvados Bug New Normal [API] group contents endpoint edge cases with filter on uuid 03/08/2021 08:48 PM

17759 Arvados Bug New Normal [Keep] azure blob driver 404 errors are weird 07/06/2021 09:08 PM

18016 Arvados Bug New Normal [api] remove unused last_used_at and last_used_by_ip_address columns on api_client_authorizations table 08/12/2021 02:52 PM

3203 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal fix tutorials wrt new workbench Radhika Chippada 07/16/2014 03:44 PM

3843 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [Crunchstat] Report CPU accounting numbers accurately. Tom Clegg 05/05/2015 10:54 PM

6020 Arvados Bug New Normal [Workbench] The collection information box values for content address and content size should be updated automatically after new file(s) are added via browser upload. 07/07/2021 06:29 PM

18371 Arvados Workbench 2 Bug New Normal Handle unreachable API server better on startup 11/15/2021 07:09 PM

16426 Arvados Bug New Normal [arv-put] should calculate (worst case) manifest size up front before upload, and abort when it is too large 07/06/2021 09:08 PM

7725 Arvados Bug New Normal [Keep-store] make keep-store lookup token at runtime like keep-proxy does 07/07/2021 06:27 PM

11027 Arvados Bug New Normal [Crunchv2] python thread error after job success 07/07/2021 05:26 PM

10565 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [arvbox] build is broken Peter Amstutz 11/29/2016 08:42 PM

6305 Arvados Bug Duplicate Normal [SDK] arv keep docker argument parsing is too sensitive/wrong 06/11/2015 02:57 PM

18791 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [installer] single host/single hostname installer broken with custom certs Ward Vandewege 03/08/2022 06:36 PM

7833 Arvados Bug Closed Normal [Node Manager] spins up too many nodes 01/15/2020 09:01 PM

5267 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [Node Manager] add one integration test for node manager Tom Morris 02/13/2019 06:04 PM

15428 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [doc] our documentation still refers to outdated config.yml parameters 12/18/2019 09:36 PM

3819 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [Workbench] It's not possible to share a project with the 'All Users' group Ward Vandewege 02/24/2015 10:07 PM

18618 Arvados Bug New Normal Reusing workflows/steps is too slow 01/07/2022 07:12 PM

18989 Arvados Bug Closed Normal [controller] TLS/insecure config value should be in exported config 04/12/2022 07:45 PM

8218 Arvados Bug Duplicate Normal [Node Manager] race between node syncing and shutdown actors 01/20/2016 06:26 PM

19057 Arvados Bug New Normal [controller] should not allow adding the same user to a VM more than one time 05/06/2022 03:25 PM

4779 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [Support] Fix bugs and write tests (week 3) Tim Pierce 01/05/2015 02:44 PM

15660 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [doc] update aws spot instance doc page for a-d-c Peter Amstutz 01/22/2020 02:40 PM

12834 Arvados Bug Closed Normal [Crunch2] Node record's crunch_worker_state field is not populated 07/07/2021 06:34 PM

15321 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [workbench2] Test run, package building & deploy integration 02/12/2020 02:59 PM

16464 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal clean up packer build image for jenkins package building Ward Vandewege 08/04/2020 08:53 PM

12794 Arvados Bug Closed Normal [Node Manager] Behave smarter in environments where scratch space can be arbitrarily sized, like GCP and AWS 11/04/2020 05:00 PM

4401 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [Docker] Check dependencies at top of Ward Vandewege 03/09/2017 09:51 PM

16931 Arvados Bug New Normal [login federation] Not Found modal when looking at trashed collection 09/30/2020 04:39 PM

18009 Arvados Bug New Normal [controller] always returns an empty "unsigned_manifest_text" field for collections 08/11/2021 05:15 PM

7312 Arvados Bug New Normal [API] CSS+images missing on login_failure.html 07/07/2021 06:28 PM

4116 Arvados Bug New Normal [Workbench] Users activity page link is gone for non-admin users with read-only admin permissions. Users activity page only shows own activity for non-admin users with read-only admin permissions. 07/07/2021 06:36 PM

17186 Arvados Bug New Normal [dispatch] broken node logs should also be copied to a-d-c logs 12/02/2020 05:49 PM

4049 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [Crunch] typo in one of the names of a job for qr1hi-d1hrv-ze9iyb3ckerqasw causes last job to wait forever for an input. High server load ensues. 10/03/2014 07:21 PM

18862 Arvados Bug New Normal [api] remove replay_job_log rake task 03/14/2022 03:43 PM

7714 Arvados Bug Closed Normal [Packaging] package naming needs to be consistent 01/15/2020 09:00 PM

15009 Arvados Workbench 2 Bug New Normal [virtual-machines-user] bugs on the the user virtual machines page 03/21/2019 07:13 PM

4335 Arvados Bug Closed Normal [Crunch] Improve node startup speed. 15 min is too slow. Ward Vandewege 03/09/2017 09:51 PM

2935 Arvados Bug Rejected Normal Make sure that logs listener can not be overwhelmed by herd of (misbehaving) jobs 06/06/2014 12:35 PM

15045 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [arvados-cloud-dispatch] commit 115cbd6482632c47fdcbbbe4abc9543e7e8e30ec breaks API host loading 12/18/2019 09:03 PM

17764 Arvados Bug New Normal [arv-put] progress update does not refresh frequently enough 07/06/2021 09:08 PM

17681 Arvados Bug New Normal [controller] seems to have a really long timeout for its db connection 06/08/2021 05:52 PM

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