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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Updated % Done Hours
18983 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [config-check] should warn when LocalKeepBlobBuffersPerVCPU will be ignored Tom Clegg 05/20/2022 04:41 PM

19049 Arvados Workbench 2 Bug Resolved Normal VM admin interface rough edges Stephen Smith 05/16/2022 03:37 PM

19127 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal spurious config warnings when using local keepstore on compute Ward Vandewege 05/16/2022 03:36 PM

19126 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal Disable nginx proxy caching for controller Ward Vandewege 05/16/2022 03:36 PM

19128 Arvados Task Resolved Normal review 19127-remove-warnings Ward Vandewege 05/16/2022 02:08 PM

19130 Arvados Task Resolved Normal review 19126-nginx-proxy-settings-change Ward Vandewege 05/16/2022 02:07 PM

18965 Arvados Bug New Normal [workbench2] does not preserve the desired destination url through the login process Daniel Kutyła 05/11/2022 03:10 PM

18990 Arvados Bug New Normal should reflect the value of TLS/Insecure in the "Get API Token" dialog Daniel Kutyła 05/11/2022 03:10 PM

18817 Arvados Task New Normal review Peter Amstutz 05/11/2022 03:09 PM

18995 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal code cleanup Ward Vandewege 05/09/2022 04:21 PM

16385 Arvados Feature New Normal [k8s] add prebuilt container images for Arvados releases 05/06/2022 06:50 PM

18863 Arvados Feature New Normal [controller] add background job to clean up old container log records 05/06/2022 06:49 PM

18937 Arvados Feature New Low [config] simplify AnonymousUserToken configuration 05/06/2022 06:48 PM

17845 Arvados Bug New Normal [tutorial] reuse is not working 05/06/2022 06:44 PM

18311 Arvados Bug New Normal [cwl] test 221 in the 1.2 conformance suite is failing on singularity Peter Amstutz 05/06/2022 06:40 PM

18936 Arvados Bug New Normal [api] [controller] remove reader_token support 05/06/2022 06:39 PM

18897 Arvados Feature New Normal [go services] should log the uuid of the token used for each request (and if available, the uuid of the associated user) 05/06/2022 05:49 PM

18563 Arvados Bug New Normal [config] simplify/streamline InternalURLs/ExternalURL situation 05/06/2022 05:49 PM

18944 Arvados Feature New Normal [controller] should log the user uuid used for the request 05/06/2022 05:44 PM

18762 Arvados Bug New Normal rails background tasks scaling issues 05/06/2022 03:31 PM

17846 Arvados Bug New Normal [tutorial] inconsistencies/roadbumps Ward Vandewege 05/06/2022 03:31 PM

19057 Arvados Bug New Normal [controller] should not allow adding the same user to a VM more than one time 05/06/2022 03:25 PM

18564 Arvados Feature New Normal [art] run jenkins release build steps with a set of parameters Ward Vandewege 05/06/2022 02:51 PM

19078 Arvados Task Resolved Normal review 19015-rvm-gemset-passenger-fix Peter Amstutz 05/05/2022 02:26 PM

19013 Arvados Task Resolved Normal review 18995-code-cleanup-3 Ward Vandewege 04/27/2022 03:04 PM

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