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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Updated % Done Hours
8320 Tapestry Bug Resolved Normal "Removal Requests" page not accessible by some admins 09/08/2016 06:55 PM

8155 Tapestry Bug New Normal Fix bulk mail "send" link 01/07/2016 05:30 PM

7875 Tapestry Bug Resolved Normal 403 error on /static for 11/30/2015 07:41 PM

7675 Tapestry Feature Resolved Normal Add Open Humans to third parties list 11/16/2015 06:55 PM

7463 Tapestry Bug Resolved Normal Origin parameter not included for Open Humans 10/15/2015 08:20 PM

7462 Tapestry Feature Resolved Normal Always redirect Open Humans user back to OH 10/28/2015 01:20 PM

7425 Tapestry Bug Resolved Normal Suffix .bz2 missing on downloaded genome file 10/26/2015 09:28 PM

7424 Tapestry Feature Resolved Normal README that links to main repo 10/28/2015 02:00 PM

1457 Tapestry Bug New Normal When in /admin/users, menu choice for genetic data stats is messed up 10/28/2013 04:40 PM

1454 Tapestry Bug New Normal On user info page, clicking "Promote" should reload that page, not load the edit user page 10/28/2013 04:49 PM

1121 GET-Evidence Bug Resolved Normal Build data not propagating through genome_analyzer Madeleine Ball 08/22/2012 04:25 PM

1118 GET-Evidence Bug Resolved Normal quality_scores fallback doesn't work Madeleine Ball 08/22/2012 04:25 PM

1085 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal Add support for Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) data Madeleine Ball 08/16/2012 11:23 AM

835 GET-Evidence Bug New Urgent Error when saving edits or submitting 02/06/2012 04:44 PM

801 GET-Evidence Bug Resolved Urgent Timeout is too short Tom Clegg 12/07/2011 01:42 PM

800 GET-Evidence Bug Resolved High Searching on dbSNP ID not already in database yields error instead of "make new page" offer Tom Clegg 12/06/2011 05:10 PM

601 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal Find consensus nonref alleles & call when matching ref 07/07/2011 12:25 PM

539 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal call synonymous amino acids that match pathogenic reference alleles (e.g. F5 R534R) 03/08/2011 06:53 PM

529 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal Interpret phased (haplotype) data Evan Maxwell 07/07/2011 02:20 PM

528 GET-Evidence Feature Resolved Normal collect metadata on the fly by passing a mutable object to generators Madeleine Ball 04/21/2011 06:36 PM

524 GET-Evidence Feature Resolved High Report metadata Madeleine Ball 12/06/2011 10:10 AM

523 GET-Evidence Feature Resolved Normal Make a generator for Madeleine Ball 04/21/2011 06:23 PM

522 GET-Evidence Feature Resolved High Add Polyphen 2 predictions to GET-Evidence 07/07/2011 02:31 PM

521 GET-Evidence Feature Resolved High Convert to use flatfile instead of MySQL Madeleine Ball 04/21/2011 07:06 PM

520 GET-Evidence Feature Resolved High Columns needed in latest-flat.tsv 04/21/2011 07:12 PM

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