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2776 Arvados Story Resolved Normal API server /keep_disks method advertises a keep proxy instead of the real keep disks when queried by a remote client. Peter Amstutz 06/06/2014 12:40 PM

2767 Arvados Story Resolved Normal Recurring: update doc site to match current behavior, and fix bugs Radhika Chippada 05/27/2014 11:27 AM

2762 Arvados Story Resolved Normal Protect database integrity wrt owner_uuid Tom Clegg 05/16/2014 11:54 AM

2761 Arvados Story Resolved Normal [Workbench] diagnostic suite runs against a production instance Radhika Chippada 09/17/2014 03:00 PM

2760 Arvados Story Resolved Normal Reconcile name link behavior with intrinsic object names so that the name hierarchy in arv-mount is the same as the name hierarchy in Workbench Tom Clegg 05/28/2014 08:45 AM

2756 Arvados Story Resolved Normal Improve Workbench "show pipeline instance" page Radhika Chippada 05/28/2014 10:13 PM

2755 Arvados Story Resolved Normal Implement Keep permission signatures in API server and Python SDK Tim Pierce 06/18/2014 01:37 PM

2754 Arvados Story Resolved Normal Optimize Workbench "run pipeline" workflow for easy use case Tom Clegg 06/13/2014 12:40 PM

2753 Arvados Story Resolved Normal Improve Workbench "show collection" page Brett Smith 05/21/2014 01:01 PM

2752 Arvados Story Resolved Normal arv-put can quickly resume an interrupted transfer. Brett Smith 05/30/2014 01:26 PM

2679 Arvados Story New Normal [API] If enabled by user via "preferences" checkbox in Workbench, notification service sends email to owner when a workflow finishes, fails, or is failing 07/06/2021 09:12 PM

2678 Arvados Story Resolved Normal When a job is submitted for a pipeline instance owned by a group, the job/output/log will also belong to that group. Tom Clegg 05/27/2014 08:02 PM

2659 Arvados Story Resolved Normal [Workbench] Anonymous user can access publicly shared data using Workbench and curl Radhika Chippada 02/18/2015 06:19 PM

2640 Arvados Story Resolved Normal API server has functionality and test fixtures for folders Tom Clegg 05/07/2014 03:08 PM

2608 Arvados Story Resolved Normal Implement a websocket read-only event bus backed by the logs table Peter Amstutz 05/12/2014 09:43 PM

2525 Arvados Story Resolved Normal Generate a Java SDK using Google API tools Radhika Chippada 05/07/2014 12:23 PM

2524 Arvados Story Rejected Normal [Sample clients] Third party can generate a "ready to ingest" event using an API token scoped to a specific project. 03/15/2017 11:12 PM

2523 Arvados Story Rejected Normal [Sample clients] Ingestor utility responds to "ready to ingest" events by copying the specified files from staging directory to Keep and storing the collection in the specified group. Peter Amstutz 03/07/2017 06:16 PM

2451 Arvados Story Resolved Normal Developer documentation for Workbench Tom Clegg 04/16/2014 02:45 PM

2450 Arvados Story Resolved Normal Metadata server prototype demonstrates permissions and results reported to the team  Peter Amstutz 04/16/2014 10:38 AM

2352 Arvados Story Resolved Normal Pipeline instance state is represented with a state machine instead of "active" and "success" flags Radhika Chippada 05/13/2014 10:19 AM

2350 Arvados Story Resolved Normal Add tests for a few potential login/authentication attacks Peter Amstutz 06/12/2014 11:20 AM

2342 Arvados Story Resolved Normal Provide generic "command line wrapper" crunch script and utility classes Peter Amstutz 07/10/2014 10:34 AM

2282 Arvados Story Resolved Normal Recurring: write blog post about latest release. Tim Pierce 04/22/2014 10:40 AM

2256 Arvados Story Resolved Normal [Workbench] Users can access an Arvados shell through the Web Nico César 07/09/2015 06:09 PM

2107 Arvados Story Resolved Normal Recurring: ensure docs/tutorials are up-to-date with latest release. Brett Smith 04/11/2014 12:37 AM

2068 Arvados Story Resolved Normal Administrator can quickly reset a test user account to the "new, inactive, not invited" state with no repository/VM access, and log in to Workbench as that user, in order to efficiently test new user UI/API behavior and activation scripts. Radhika Chippada 04/01/2014 10:19 PM

2056 Arvados Story Closed Normal Workbench displays a summary of activity on all objects belonging to me / all objects in a specific folder. 01/03/2020 04:22 PM

2044 Arvados Story Resolved Normal [Workbench] interface lets users share a project folder with other users on this instance Brett Smith 07/22/2014 03:13 PM

2043 Arvados Story Resolved Normal arv-mount is set up automatically when user logs in to VM Ward Vandewege 05/06/2014 03:36 PM

2039 Arvados Story Closed Normal New user sees a list of completed pipeline instances on Workbench dashboard, and can inspect the pipelines and data.  (Permissions/presentation) Tom Clegg 01/03/2020 04:22 PM

2035 Arvados Story Resolved Normal arv-mount exposes filesystem paths like /tag/tagname/collection-uuid and /folder/foldername/collection-uuid Peter Amstutz 05/07/2014 02:50 PM

2028 Arvados Story Rejected Normal [SDKs] Python SDK supports Django model/manager style usage Tom Morris 12/13/2016 07:47 PM

1971 Arvados Story Resolved Normal When a job output contains a single image file, show a thumbnail image inline on Workbench pipeline_instance and job pages. Peter Amstutz 04/17/2014 11:36 AM

1970 Arvados Story Resolved Normal Create groups and use them like project folders to manage objects in Workbench. Tom Clegg 05/06/2014 03:36 PM

1969 Arvados Story Resolved Normal Control transient/persistent switch in Workbench Tom Clegg 05/05/2014 09:05 PM

1968 Arvados Story Closed Normal Monitor disk usage (per user and per site; split by transient/persistent; optionally weighted by #users who want persistent). Misha Zatsman 05/28/2014 08:50 PM

1904 Arvados Story Resolved Normal User can get a no-auth-required link to an Arvados object, i.e., turn on "anyone with the link can view" permission Brett Smith 05/13/2014 08:36 AM

1885 Arvados Story Resolved Normal Keep proxy service: forward external requests to the appropriate keep servers Peter Amstutz 05/27/2014 01:02 PM

1776 Arvados Story Resolved Normal User receives automatic email notification when account gets activated Radhika Chippada 04/15/2014 09:25 PM

1412 Tapestry Bug In Progress Low Ruby 1.9 incompatibilities 10/28/2013 04:38 PM

476 GET-Evidence Feature New Low allow “lab members” group to upload/view publication PDFs Tom Clegg 02/16/2011 02:22 PM

3163 Arvados Story Resolved Low [Tests] Non-destructive test script suitable for running on a production VM/server in order to verify correct operation of basic features. 07/07/2021 06:34 PM

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