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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Updated % Done Hours
18604 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal Use golang "embed" pkg instead of homegrown hack for config.default.yml Tom Clegg 12/30/2021 07:02 PM

18586 Arvados Bug New Normal Remove docs/code for unsupported AsyncPermissionsUpdateInterval 12/14/2021 04:21 PM

18547 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [keep-balance] Avoid redundant indexing when multiple keepstore servers use a single NFS mount Tom Clegg 12/07/2021 10:00 PM

18376 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [keepstore] Avoid long-lived readdirent cookies in filesystem driver Tom Clegg 12/07/2021 03:06 PM

18334 Arvados Bug New Normal Accept release info changes in docker recipes 11/04/2021 03:23 PM

18290 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [LSF] Add "/host" to rusage strings Ward Vandewege 10/25/2021 05:26 PM

18286 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [Documentation] dispatch-lsf requires Services.DispatchLSF.InternalURLs entry Tom Clegg 10/21/2021 06:45 PM

18184 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal Flaky test due to bug in old version of singularity Tom Clegg 11/16/2021 04:34 PM

18114 Arvados Bug New Normal [a-d-c] slow down retries when CreateInstance returns non-quota/non-throttle errors 09/07/2021 06:11 PM

17878 Arvados Bug New Normal [container shell] confusing error "channel 3: bad ext data" when forwarding tcp traffic into a container with API: false 07/08/2021 05:21 PM

17853 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [keep-web] concurrent map iteration and map write Tom Clegg 11/16/2021 04:28 PM

17840 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal keep-balance should error out on extra unparsed command line flags Tom Clegg 11/18/2021 09:05 PM

17810 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [keep-web] S3 signature check fails if path contains "," Tom Clegg 06/18/2021 12:39 PM

17803 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [config-check] failing to warn about unrecognized config keys Tom Clegg 06/16/2021 06:20 PM

17719 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [keep-web] incorrect cache update Tom Clegg 11/16/2021 04:48 PM

17650 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal sdk/cwl tests fail due to changed execution order Tom Clegg 11/16/2021 04:48 PM

17610 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [API] Federated token scopes are not obeyed if scopes include "GET .../users/current" Tom Clegg 05/13/2021 03:29 PM

17597 Arvados Bug New Normal [keep-web] Improve error response when AnonymousUserToken not configured and no token provided by client 04/28/2021 06:24 PM

17566 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [controller] Request body size incorrectly limited to 10M when content-type is x-www-form-urlencoded Tom Clegg 04/23/2021 07:05 PM

17561 Arvados Bug New Normal [arvados-dispatch-cloud] inst.SetTags() and inst.Destroy() should respect rate-limiting responses from cloud provider 06/02/2021 08:02 PM

17529 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [a-d-c] AWS/EC2 driver should return a RateLimitError to dispatcher if the upstream error is RequestLimitExceeded Tom Clegg 05/13/2021 03:11 PM

17522 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [arv-put] should use binary mode when reading stdin Lucas Di Pentima 11/16/2021 04:48 PM

17507 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [keep-web] [s3] Implement NextContinuationToken per ListObjectsV2 API Tom Clegg 06/16/2021 02:07 PM

17413 Arvados Bug New Normal [arv-mount] Exit (instead of undefined behavior) after unhandled exception 07/06/2021 09:08 PM

17384 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [arvados-dispatch-cloud] Respect CrunchRunCommand and CrunchRunArgumentsList configs Tom Clegg 02/18/2021 05:39 PM

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