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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Updated % Done Hours
17561 Arvados Bug New Normal [arvados-dispatch-cloud] inst.SetTags() and inst.Destroy() should respect rate-limiting responses from cloud provider 04/16/2021 01:55 PM

17531 Arvados Feature Resolved Normal [controller] Remove ForceLegacyAPI14 config flag Tom Clegg 04/15/2021 09:25 PM

17529 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [a-d-c] AWS/EC2 driver should return a RateLimitError to dispatcher if the upstream error is RequestLimitExceeded Tom Clegg 04/16/2021 01:59 PM

17525 Arvados Task Resolved Normal Review 17392-go-write-to-storage-class Tom Clegg 04/12/2021 07:00 PM

17522 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [arv-put] should use binary mode when reading stdin Lucas Di Pentima 04/14/2021 08:33 PM

17507 Arvados Bug New Normal [keep-web] [s3] Implement NextContinuationToken per ListObjectsV2 API 03/30/2021 06:10 PM

17468 Arvados Feature New Normal [controller] Skip repetitive OIDC UserInfo calls if access token validates as an ID token 03/11/2021 03:41 PM

17453 Arvados Task Resolved Normal Review 16669-oidc-access-token-fed Peter Amstutz 03/11/2021 03:53 PM

17413 Arvados Bug New Normal [arv-mount] Exit (instead of undefined behavior) after unhandled exception 02/18/2021 07:43 PM

17387 Arvados Task Resolved Normal Review 17384-crunch-run-configs Tom Clegg 02/16/2021 04:34 PM

17384 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [arvados-dispatch-cloud] Respect CrunchRunCommand and CrunchRunArgumentsList configs Tom Clegg 02/18/2021 05:39 PM

17382 Arvados Task Resolved Normal Review 17119-virtual-folder-from-query Ward Vandewege 03/17/2021 03:58 PM

17345 Arvados Bug New Normal [boot] handle dependency upgrades better in "arvados-package build" 02/05/2021 04:23 PM

17344 Arvados Story New Normal [boot] Make arvados-server-easy package suitable for demo use case Tom Clegg 02/05/2021 04:15 PM

17343 Arvados Feature In Progress Normal [boot] Make workbench1 optional (for workbench2 integration tests, etc) Tom Clegg 04/14/2021 05:47 PM

17299 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [controller] runtime_constraints should be spelled {API:true}, not {api:true} Nico César 02/03/2021 04:40 PM

17294 Arvados Task Resolved Normal Review 16669-oidc-access-token Tom Clegg 03/03/2021 06:03 PM

17284 Arvados Story New Normal [controller] Redact internal RailsAPI URLs from error messages returned to caller Tom Clegg 04/14/2021 04:17 PM

17212 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal Occasional port number conflicts in integration tests Tom Clegg 02/05/2021 09:48 PM

17210 Arvados Task Resolved Normal Review 17208-s3-signature-double-slash Tom Clegg 12/15/2020 03:43 PM

17209 Arvados Feature New Normal Controller forwards web requests to crunch worker nodes 12/10/2020 03:14 PM

17207 Arvados Epics Story New Normal External access to web services running in containers 02/25/2021 07:13 PM

17204 Arvados Bug New Normal [keep-web] Avoid red-herring error log on 304 Not Modified responses Tom Clegg 04/14/2021 04:17 PM

17202 Arvados Bug New Normal [keep-web] Don't use 303-with-cookie when serving inline preview content as a third-party site 02/22/2021 07:14 PM

17201 Arvados Task Resolved Normal Review 17199-available-port-race Ward Vandewege 12/09/2020 02:24 PM

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