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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Updated % Done Hours
10359 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [crunchstat-summary] Limit concurrency to keep memory use under control Tom Clegg 08/30/2017 06:51 PM

10354 Arvados Story New Normal Add varchar_pattern_ops to all relevant PostgreSQL UUID indexes Tom Morris 01/02/2017 08:44 PM

10346 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal On the API docs (, rearrange documentation so metadata features (humans, traits, specimens) do not distract/confuse people Peter Amstutz 11/15/2016 06:44 PM

10344 Arvados Story New Normal [Workbench] Import CWL workflow 12/31/2019 08:47 PM

10240 Arvados Story Resolved Normal Design new Event API to replace abuse of Log API Tom Clegg 10/26/2016 07:29 PM

10224 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [FUSE] Fix expensive calls to log API Tom Clegg 11/30/2016 08:04 PM

10223 Arvados Feature Resolved Normal [Crunch2] Add ability to set name of output collection Lucas Di Pentima 01/05/2017 11:52 PM

10215 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [CWL] arvados-cwl-runner --version should work without ARVADOS_API_HOST set Radhika Chippada 12/06/2016 07:05 PM

10213 Arvados Story New Normal Efficient queries for notification menu items 08/29/2017 01:50 PM

10187 Arvados Support Resolved Normal Add support for PartitionName hint to arvados-cwl-runner 10/13/2016 12:02 PM

10186 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [Crunch2] Support dispatching to multiple SLURM partitions Peter Amstutz 10/11/2016 05:54 PM

10182 Arvados Bug New Normal Provide more reasonable error messages for memory issues during container dispatch 08/29/2017 01:48 PM

10177 Arvados Bug New Normal Confusing job duration reporting 08/29/2017 01:46 PM

10166 Arvados Task Resolved Normal Review 10077-workbench-integration-tests Lucas Di Pentima 10/12/2016 05:20 AM

10142 Arvados Bug New Normal [Workbench] Ability to add group from Groups admin page 08/29/2017 01:45 PM

10130 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal Cache / mirror PhantomJS Ward Vandewege 09/28/2016 05:39 PM

10113 Arvados Feature Resolved Normal [Crunch2] Run cwl tests on crunch2 automatically, on 9tee4, as part of the deploy pipeline Ward Vandewege 12/01/2016 05:11 PM

10111 Arvados Story Resolved Normal [Workbench][Crunch2] Provenance graph for Container Request Lucas Di Pentima 05/16/2017 07:44 PM

10110 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal arv-copy to support Workflow Radhika Chippada 01/13/2017 07:30 PM

10078 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [Performance][Workbench] tab_pane=dashboard too expensive Radhika Chippada 10/12/2016 06:40 PM

10077 Arvados Story Resolved Normal [Workbench] reduce time required to run integration tests Tom Morris 10/06/2016 10:18 PM

10035 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal [FUSE] Determine why bcl2fastq doesn't work with writable keep mount Peter Amstutz 07/03/2018 03:50 PM

10028 Arvados Bug Resolved Normal Workbench search is very slow (>60sec) Radhika Chippada 12/27/2016 06:50 PM

10027 Arvados Story New Normal Move Container related documentation from wiki to code 08/29/2017 01:38 PM

9980 Arvados Bug New Low [CLI] Trailing blank lines in ~/.config/arvados/settings.conf should be ignored 02/06/2020 07:16 PM

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