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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Updated % Done Hours
529 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal Interpret phased (haplotype) data Evan Maxwell 07/07/2011 02:20 PM

18125 Arvados Feature New Normal [deployment][provision][documentation] explain how to use a custom/existing postgresql RDBMS Javier Bértoli 09/13/2021 10:12 PM

17938 Arvados Bug New Normal [deployment][arvados-formula] shell node centos-7 packages Javier Bértoli 07/23/2021 07:08 PM

17461 Arvados Feature New Normal Flag to make turn file format mismatches from an error to a warning Jiayong Li 04/14/2021 07:47 PM

16872 Arvados Support New Normal Convert WDL workflows to CWL, with notes Jiayong Li 10/30/2020 04:11 PM

16870 Arvados Story New Normal Research & create examples of other CWL patterns Jiayong Li 10/30/2020 04:11 PM

16869 Arvados Story New Normal Go through workflow patterns and add them to the CWL patterns repo Jiayong Li 10/30/2020 04:11 PM

16316 Arvados Feature New Normal a-c-r handles resource range requests (especially CPU) and adjusts requests based on what is in InstanceTypes list Jiayong Li 04/14/2021 07:47 PM

15250 Arvados Feature In Progress Normal a-c-r set TTL on final output collection Jiayong Li 02/23/2022 03:13 PM

13642 Arvados Feature Feedback Normal keepstore backend for ceph librados Joshua Randall 08/25/2020 02:28 PM

13533 Arvados Feature Feedback Normal option to specify vcpu runtime constraints on arvados-cwl-runner when using --submit Joshua Randall 04/22/2020 09:07 PM

10545 Arvados Bug New Normal arvbox loops forever when something goes wrong Joshua Randall 07/07/2021 06:21 PM

10535 Arvados Bug New Normal test suite hangs (in arvbox) in sdk/python test_callback Joshua Randall 07/07/2021 06:22 PM

8719 Arvados Task In Progress Normal Review PR #40 Joshua Randall 07/07/2021 06:25 PM

8504 Arvados Bug Feedback Normal [Workbench] Times out before API server loading active pipeline instances Joshua Randall 07/07/2021 06:25 PM

19154 Arvados Workbench 2 Story New Normal Sharing dialog improvements followup Lucas Di Pentima 05/25/2022 03:19 PM

19144 Arvados Bug In Progress Normal Cannot copy collections on workbench1 Lucas Di Pentima 05/25/2022 03:44 PM

19142 Arvados Task New Normal Workbench 2: Avoid loading "mounts" section in the "Project" or "All process" view Lucas Di Pentima 05/24/2022 06:30 PM

19025 Arvados Task New Normal 8. Review release notes Lucas Di Pentima 05/25/2022 03:36 PM

19022 Arvados Task New Normal 5. Review release branch Lucas Di Pentima 05/25/2022 03:36 PM

19007 Arvados Bug New Normal Investigate why the 3-dot action menu is gone in file browser Lucas Di Pentima 05/25/2022 01:21 PM

18975 Arvados Feature New Normal log viewer improvements Lucas Di Pentima 05/25/2022 03:17 PM

18879 Arvados Task New Normal Review Lucas Di Pentima 05/06/2022 06:40 PM

18858 Arvados Feature New Normal sync-users-tool for synchronizing users Lucas Di Pentima 05/25/2022 03:17 PM

18787 Arvados Workbench 2 Bug In Progress Normal Collection's file browser re-rendering issues Lucas Di Pentima 05/25/2022 01:21 PM

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