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1084 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal Add support for deCODE data Madeleine Ball

1085 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal Add support for Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) data Madeleine Ball

1104 GET-Evidence Bug New Normal Division by zero warning when computing progress percentage Tom Clegg

1116 Tapestry Bug New Normal Selecting kit ranges at /kits should not be case-sensitive

1209 GET-Evidence Bug New Normal slowness accessing Ward Vandewege

1370 GET-Evidence Bug New Normal broken link

1380 GET-Evidence Bug New Normal slowness when accessing /genomes as admin user Ward Vandewege

1384 Tapestry Feature New Normal As a participant, I can remove traitwise survey results from my public profile

1385 Tapestry Feature New Normal As a participant, I can see a list of datasets contributed by 3rd party studies, which I can inspect (download) and release to my public profile

1427 Tapestry Feature New Normal As an administrator, I can see the (not-actually-public) public profile page of a suspended participant / participant who withdrew and requested data removal

1454 Tapestry Bug New Normal On user info page, clicking "Promote" should reload that page, not load the edit user page

1457 Tapestry Bug New Normal When in /admin/users, menu choice for genetic data stats is messed up

1461 Tapestry Bug New Normal Firefox compatibility problem in kit_design creation

1471 Tapestry Bug New Normal Researcher > Kits table content loads very slowly Tom Clegg

1478 Tapestry Bug New Normal nowhere to enter postal/zip code

1483 Tapestry Bug New Normal No feedback shown when failed Eligibility Questionnaire

1490 GET-Evidence Support New Normal GeneTests Tom Clegg

1520 Tapestry Bug New Normal auto-enrollment feature should be configurable Ward Vandewege

1615 Tapestry Bug New Normal People who are not enrolled should not be able to use the 'withdraw' function Ward Vandewege

1632 Tapestry Feature New Normal detect missing configuration variables on startup Ward Vandewege

1633 Tapestry Feature New Normal Make eligibility questionnaire customizable for a specific site's requirements

1836 Tapestry Bug New Normal when Tapestry fails to send e-mail, user should not be presented with an "sorry, something went wrong" message Ward Vandewege

2152 Arvados Task New Normal Set appropriate permissions on an instance of the GATK exome pipeline, and all of its jobs, inputs, and outputs.

2231 Tapestry Feature New Normal add flag to choose locale Ward Vandewege

2422 Tapestry Feature New Normal exam automated tests

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