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3011 Tapestry Task New Normal Review 2979

3025 Tapestry Feature New Normal Add an admin interface feature to export all enrolled users + shipping address as a csv file.

3037 Arvados Bug New Normal [API] websocket clients should not put API tokens in path or query string

3073 Arvados Bug New Normal [Workbench] Progress bar not fully green when all jobs/tasks complete successfully

3093 Arvados Story New Normal [Crunch] Pipeline can use other pipelines templates as components

3094 Arvados Bug New Normal [Workbench] Can't edit runtime_constraints in the 'components' tab of pipelines

3101 Arvados Feature New Normal [Tests] Websockets should work out of the box in test/development modes, even when using an ssh tunnel and a self-signed certificate.

3162 Arvados Feature New Normal [API] Client can request signed locators for specific blobs from API server

3164 Arvados Bug New Normal [Workbench] resolve race condition in displaying logs from newly-completed jobs

3180 Arvados Story New Normal [Crunch] When a job fails in a pipeline instance, should the other queued/running jobs get cancelled automatically?

3189 Arvados Task New Normal [Blocker] Clarify design/requirements Tom Clegg

3192 Arvados Task New Normal Clarify requirements/implementation Tom Clegg

3199 Arvados Story New Normal [SDK] Keep clients (e.g., arv-put and crunch-job) ask API to refresh blob signatures if expiry times are sooner than ETA of collection.create

3223 Arvados Feature New Normal [Documentation] Tutorial for adding a crunch script wrapper for an existing tool that is already hosted on github.

3224 Arvados Bug New Normal [Workbench] Search box on collections page should use infinite scroll instead of (broken) page number links

3225 Tapestry Task New Normal Review 2930 Ward Vandewege

3257 Arvados Bug In Progress Normal [Workbench] Hard to find user agreement after it has been signed Phil Hodgson

3284 Arvados Feature New Normal [Workbench] Project show page should have buttons to add objects besides Collections

3298 Arvados Story New Normal [Workbench] Rearrange collection chooser to show a preview (file list) inline instead of in a separate preview pane. See [[Workbench UI images]]

3304 Arvados Story New Normal [Workbench] Add checkboxes to multi-type chooser modal to filter by object type Tom Clegg

3309 Arvados Task New Normal [Documentation] Present an efficient pattern for developing a Python program as a Crunch job

3311 Arvados Feature New Normal [SDKs] Improve metadata created by arv-put

3317 Arvados Task New Normal Arvados source directory is bind mounted into docker image so developers can user docker for development without rebuilding images.

3365 Arvados Story New Normal [SDK] Show the Workbench URI for the job when running a job or pipeline from the command line

3391 Arvados Bug New Normal [Workbench] Can see job information but cannot access output collection

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