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500 GET-Evidence Bug New Normal Trait-o-matic GET-E importer "AttributeError: 'tuple' object has no attribute 'remove'" Tom Clegg

499 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal Merge rsids and AA-variant pages Tom Clegg

498 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal Show nucleotide positions for all dbSNP-keyed variants Tom Clegg

495 GET-Evidence Bug New Normal Allele frequency missing for rs41281314 Tom Clegg

494 GET-Evidence Bug New Normal Warning about automatic logout Tom Clegg

493 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal Variant and Gene Removal Tom Clegg

490 GET-Evidence Feature In Progress Normal Classify web-hits as relevant/not-relevant Tom Clegg

488 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal Allow non-nsSNP variants Tom Clegg

486 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal support publications without PMIDs (other namespaces? original contributions? OWW?) Tom Clegg

485 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal Don't let users add variant pages for genes that aren't in knownGene Tom Clegg

484 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal Figure out better solution to HNF1A-Ser574Gly (genomes) vs. HNF1A-Gly574Ser (omim) Tom Clegg

483 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal Handle/prevent edit conflicts more effectively Tom Clegg

482 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal add “affects self (hom or dominant)” checkbox (vs “affects offspring”) on result page Tom Clegg

481 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal Test Internet Explorer, possibly use Chrome Frame to make editing features work in IE Tom Clegg

479 GET-Evidence Bug New Normal NSF-Lys702Asn shows wrong hapmap frequency Tom Clegg

478 GET-Evidence Bug New Normal Keep "overall odds ratio" updated when editing individual sets of OR figures Tom Clegg

466 GET-Evidence Bug New Normal xmlrpc server is careless with huge temp files

451 longupload Bug New Normal handle xmlhttprequest timeouts gracefully Tom Clegg

426 GET-Evidence Feature In Progress Normal Use compute cloud for back-end processing Tom Clegg

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16557 Arvados Epics Story New Low Reorganize user guide, update for wb2

14513 Arvados Workbench 2 Feature New Low [Workbench] Add "Share" button next to the shared folders breadcrumbs

10898 Arvados Bug New Low [Documentation] we should not use copy of arvados in the tutorial

9980 Arvados Bug New Low [CLI] Trailing blank lines in ~/.config/arvados/settings.conf should be ignored

8221 Arvados Feature New Low [Workbench] Add an "invert selection" button to checklists alongside "un/select all"

7932 Arvados Story New Low [Keep] keepproxy aggregates and reports volume IDs from Keepstores

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