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18550 Arvados Bug New Urgent Info page of a project does not show properties

18549 Arvados Feature New Urgent WB2 global search results show path Daniel Kutyła

835 GET-Evidence Bug New Urgent Error when saving edits or submitting

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17434 Arvados Bug New High project not shown in hierarchy on the left of wb2

17396 Arvados Bug New High Favorites copy dialog further issues

17300 Arvados Bug New High array of array of File causes 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'resolved'

16325 Arvados Bug New High Logs/outputs from Cancelled processes don't have properties.type="log"/"output"

16228 Arvados Bug New High NullPointerException while uploading file using Java SDK

15183 Arvados Bug New High [Workbench2] No errors reported when file is missing a block

4182 Arvados Bug New High [Workbench] [API] "Manage" permission should be sufficient to delete subprojects

475 GET-Evidence Feature New High add “user manager” (control membership in groups: admin, curator, lab member) Tom Clegg

468 GET-Evidence Bug New High latest-flat incorrectly displays non single-base substitution variants

435 GET-Evidence Support In Progress High Work with Carlos et al. to integrate BioNotate annotations into GET-Evidence Tom Clegg

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18569 Arvados Task New Normal Testing strategy? Tom Clegg

18568 Arvados Task New Normal Review

18567 Arvados Task New Normal Review Ward Vandewege

18566 Arvados Support New Normal Document singularity loopback device conflict bug Tom Clegg

18564 Arvados Feature New Normal [art] run jenkins release build steps with a set of parameters

18563 Arvados Bug New Normal [config] simplify/streamline InternalURLs/ExternalURL situation

18562 Arvados Bug New Normal [api] should not change the preemptible flag across the board Tom Clegg

18560 Arvados Feature New Normal Vocabulary picking improvements

18559 Arvados Story New Normal User edit page

18548 Arvados Feature New Normal Ability to share a link to the "Get API Token" dialog in WB"

18546 Arvados Task In Progress Normal Review 17579-Clear-table-filter-when-changing-the-project Daniel Kutyła

18544 Arvados Task New Normal 26. Major releases only: Copy "run-tests" jobs in jenkins

18543 Arvados Task New Normal 25. Send out release notification

18542 Arvados Task New Normal 24. Merge release notes (step 6) form "develop" to "main" and publish release on

18541 Arvados Task New Normal 23. Update doc site

18540 Arvados Task New Normal 22. Tag commits

18539 Arvados Task New Normal 21. Publish arvados/arvbox-demo image

18538 Arvados Task New Normal 20. Publish formula/installer for release

18537 Arvados Task New Normal 19. Publish R package

18536 Arvados Task New Normal 18. Publish Java package

18535 Arvados Task New Normal 17. Publish Python and Ruby packages

18534 Arvados Task New Normal 16. Publish Docker image

18533 Arvados Task New Normal 15. Push packages to stable

18532 Arvados Task New Normal 14. Build final release packages

18531 Arvados Task New Normal 13. Approve RC for release

18530 Arvados Task New Normal 12. Run bam-to-vcf pipeline pipeline

18529 Arvados Task New Normal 11. Deploy RC packages to playground

18528 Arvados Task New Normal 10. Test installer

18527 Arvados Task New Normal 9. Build RC packages

18522 Arvados Task In Progress Normal 4. Manual testing Peter Amstutz

18518 Arvados Story In Progress Normal Release Arvados 2.3.2

18516 Arvados Story New Normal run Theia interactively for development on shell and/or compute nodes

18515 Arvados Story New Normal run interactive Jupyter on shell and/or compute nodes

18514 Arvados Story New Normal Research framework for interactive tutorials that overlay the app

18513 Arvados Feature New Normal Print "exited from signal XY" for exit codes >128

18512 Arvados Task In Progress Normal Review 18488-nonblocking-advisory-lock Tom Clegg

18501 Arvados Bug New Normal Add option in ARV GUI to open link in new tab

18500 Arvados Bug New Normal Arvados CV for "Study Type" property not active

18499 Arvados Bug New Normal Advanced Dialog on collections shows the manifest_text as null

18498 Arvados Bug New Normal WB2 collection UUID in project URL shows blank page

18487 Arvados Bug New Normal controller fails to start when vocab properties file is invalid (e.g. duplicate synonyms) Lucas Di Pentima

18486 Arvados Bug New Normal Docker containers are always removed

18481 Arvados Bug New Normal Workbench allows setting values with leading and trailing whitespace in property values

18479 Arvados Story New Normal Generate CWL conformance badges Peter Amstutz

18478 Arvados Task New Normal Review Peter Amstutz

18477 Arvados Task In Progress Normal Review 18301-wb1-cancel-button-fix Peter Amstutz

18475 Arvados Task New Normal Review Lucas Di Pentima

18474 Arvados Task New Normal review

18472 Arvados Task New Normal review Tom Clegg

18471 Arvados Task New Normal review Ward Vandewege

18470 Arvados Task New Normal review Ward Vandewege

18466 Arvados Task In Progress Normal Review 12630-crunch-gpu Peter Amstutz

18464 Arvados Feature New Normal Batch update endpoint for permission changes

18463 Arvados Feature New Normal Sharing dialog shows all permissions including indirect and allows searching for users by name

18462 Arvados Story New Normal Requesting object by uuid should return 403 instead of 404

18393 Arvados Bug New Normal [workbench2] forces relogin on every new window/tab

18391 Arvados Bug New Normal [go] FileSystem object does not refresh signatures resulting in read errors

18390 Arvados Epics Story New Normal Frozen projects

18385 Arvados Bug New Normal arvados-server config-dump | arvados-server config-check -config=- spurious warnings

18372 Arvados Task New Normal Schedule

18371 Arvados Workbench 2 Bug New Normal Handle unreachable API server better on startup

18369 Arvados Feature New Normal [doc] describe the block packing algorithm used by our various Keep clients (arv-put, python sdk, keep-web, arv-mount)

18368 Arvados Feature New Normal Notification banner

18362 Arvados Story New Normal cwltest results for Arvados produces badges which can be linked to from

18359 Arvados Task New Normal Review Lucas Di Pentima

18350 Arvados Epics Story New Normal Login cluster with only arvados-controller & no fallback to Rails

18349 Arvados Bug New Normal Tests that ensure that request id is propagated through federated requests Tom Clegg

18348 Arvados Feature In Progress Normal Structured logs should include the cluster id Tom Clegg

18347 Arvados Feature New Normal Cache negative token lookups in federation/OIDC

18345 Arvados Bug New Normal Activity script crash

18342 Arvados Epics Story New Normal Stream Keep data to minimize latency and memory usage

18341 Arvados Story New Normal "arvados-server init" can set up a single-node production cluster

18338 Arvados Story New Normal "arvados-server init" can use a local root CA to sign certificates

18337 Arvados Epics Story New Normal Easy install via OS package

18335 Arvados Feature New Normal Export health checks as Prometheus metrics

18334 Arvados Bug New Normal Accept release info changes in docker recipes

18326 Arvados Story New Normal Documentation of CUDA support

18325 Arvados Feature New Normal Option to include CUDA tooling in cloud compute image

18324 Arvados Feature New Normal LSF support for requesting node with CUDA support

18323 Arvados Feature New Normal CWL support for requesting container with CUDA support

18322 Arvados Feature New Normal Enable GPU support when launching container with Docker or singularity

18321 Arvados Feature New Normal Implement resource request and InstanceType selection for CUDA on arvados-dispatch-cloud Peter Amstutz

18315 Arvados Workbench 2 Bug In Progress Normal Collection panel refresh issues. Daniel Kutyła

18311 Arvados Bug New Normal [cwl] test 221 in the 1.2 conformance suite is failing on singularity Peter Amstutz

18301 Arvados Bug In Progress Normal WB1 cancel button not working Lucas Di Pentima

18292 Arvados Bug New Normal [cleanup] remove AssignNodeHostname from the configuration. Also from the documentation.

18291 Arvados Task In Progress Normal Review 18287-external-url-defaults Tom Clegg

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