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835 GET-Evidence Bug New Urgent Error when saving edits or submitting

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17300 Arvados Bug New High array of array of File causes 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'resolved'

17396 Arvados Bug New High Favorites copy dialog further issues

468 GET-Evidence Bug New High latest-flat incorrectly displays non single-base substitution variants

16325 Arvados Bug New High Logs/outputs from Cancelled processes don't have properties.type="log"/"output"

16228 Arvados Bug New High NullPointerException while uploading file using Java SDK

17434 Arvados Bug New High project not shown in hierarchy on the left of wb2

15183 Arvados Bug New High [Workbench2] No errors reported when file is missing a block

4182 Arvados Bug New High [Workbench] [API] "Manage" permission should be sufficient to delete subprojects

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19027 Arvados Task New Normal 10. Build RC arvados/jobs image

17368 Arvados Task Feedback Normal 10. Deploy RC to su92l Peter Amstutz

19028 Arvados Task New Normal 11. Ensure installer tests are passing

19029 Arvados Task New Normal 12. Build compute image & deploy RC packages to playground

19030 Arvados Task New Normal 13. Run bam-to-vcf demo pipeline

19031 Arvados Task New Normal 14. Approve RC for release

19032 Arvados Task New Normal 15. Build final release packages

17628 Arvados Task In Progress Normal 15. push arvbox-demo image

19033 Arvados Task New Normal 16. Publish stable arvados/jobs Docker image

19034 Arvados Task New Normal 17. Push packages to stable

19035 Arvados Task New Normal 18. Publish Python and Ruby packages

19036 Arvados Task New Normal 19. Publish Java package

19018 Arvados Task New Normal 1. Prepare release branches

19037 Arvados Task New Normal 20. Publish R package

19038 Arvados Task New Normal 21. Publish arvados/arvbox-demo image

19039 Arvados Task New Normal 22. Tag commits

5872 GET-Evidence Bug In Progress Normal 23andMe report pipeline is broken Abram Connelly

19040 Arvados Task New Normal 23. Ensure has new version

19041 Arvados Task New Normal 24. Merge release notes (step 7) from "develop" to "main" on

19042 Arvados Task New Normal 25. Send out release announcements

19043 Arvados Task New Normal 26. Major releases only: Copy "run-tests" jobs in jenkins

19044 Arvados Task New Normal 27. Add the release to

19019 Arvados Task New Normal 2. Update, formula and arvbox to point to release. Update the "Upgrading Arvados and Release notes" doc page (main and release branch).

19020 Arvados Task New Normal 3. Ensure that the entire automated testing pipeline is passing on Jenkins

19021 Arvados Task New Normal 4. Manual testing

10408 Arvados Bug New Normal 4xphq keep balance api request causes oom on api server

19022 Arvados Task New Normal 5. Review release branch

19023 Arvados Task New Normal 6. Create next redmine release

19024 Arvados Task New Normal 7. Draft release notes and publish them to www-dev

19025 Arvados Task New Normal 8. Review release notes

19026 Arvados Task New Normal 9. Build RC packages

16501 Arvados Task Feedback Normal 9. Run bam-to-vcf pipeline on playground Sarah Zaranek

18621 Arvados Feature New Normal Ability for admin to purge old versions of a collection

3473 Arvados Story New Normal Ability to mark one's own projects as read-only to avoid changing it by accident.

18997 Arvados Story New Normal ability to migrate arvbox to arvados-server boot dev mode

18548 Arvados Feature New Normal Ability to share a link to the "Get API Token" dialog in WB"

18181 Arvados Feature New Normal Ability to specify a % of compute instance price that user is willing to go over from cheapest

18334 Arvados Bug New Normal Accept release info changes in docker recipes

18790 Arvados Feature New Normal Access live container logs through arvados-client and crunch-run container gateway

16316 Arvados Feature New Normal a-c-r handles resource range requests (especially CPU) and adjusts requests based on what is in InstanceTypes list Jiayong Li

15250 Arvados Feature In Progress Normal a-c-r set TTL on final output collection Jiayong Li

11581 Arvados Bug New Normal a-c-r should log the command used to run the pipeline

18726 Arvados Feature New Normal a-c-r uses arv-put internally to upload dependencies

16514 Arvados Epics Story New Normal Actionable insight into keep usage

12178 Arvados Bug New Normal Activating an account (setting is_active from false to true) does not email the new user

18345 Arvados Bug New Normal Activity script crash

17185 Arvados Feature New Normal [adc] add broken node metrics Tom Clegg

16843 Arvados Feature New Normal [a-d-c] admin cli

18101 Arvados Bug New Normal [a-d-c] [AWS] add option to spin up (spot) instances in more/all availability zones in the region

15051 Arvados Feature New Normal [a-d-c] EC2 driver supports AssumeRole

16738 Arvados Feature New Normal [a-d-c] introduce concept of "quota partition"

18114 Arvados Bug New Normal [a-d-c] slow down retries when CreateInstance returns non-quota/non-throttle errors

18161 Arvados Bug New Normal [a-d-c] the arvados_dispatchcloud_queue_entries prometheus metric should report actual instance types

17775 Arvados Bug New Normal [a-d-c] the user should be able to see when preemptible nodes get shut down and the running container requeued

17771 Arvados Bug New Normal [a-d-c] when a cluster supports preemptible nodes, there should be a knob to allow the user to choose the use of preemptible nodes, or not

17780 Arvados Bug New Normal [a-d-c] when toggling UsePreemptibleInstances, existing containers that are runnable generate lots of errors

482 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal add “affects self (hom or dominant)” checkbox (vs “affects offspring”) on result page Tom Clegg

3025 Tapestry Feature New Normal Add an admin interface feature to export all enrolled users + shipping address as a csv file.

15783 Arvados Story New Normal Add Arvados services go docs

13514 Arvados Feature New Normal Add arvswitch to shell accounts by default

10718 Arvados Bug New Normal add a --user-script option to install-arvados-jobs-image

19058 Arvados Support New Normal Add code scanning to jenkins pipeline

516 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal Add conservation track from ucsc

925 GET-Evidence Feature In Progress Normal Add EVS frequency data Tom Clegg

17232 Arvados Support New Normal add example of readRDS() to arvadosR help

2231 Tapestry Feature New Normal add flag to choose locale Ward Vandewege

8254 Arvados Bug New Normal Add Gantt chart for pipeline optimization

9241 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal Add "Genes for Good" support for genome report

6124 Arvados Task New Normal Add "goal mode" infrastructure Tom Clegg

696 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal Add Google Search API

18873 Arvados Support New Normal Add hooks to limit which paths of arvados repo non-curii employees can push to Ward Vandewege

5571 Tapestry Feature New Normal Add huID to 'aaData' entries in 'public_genetic_data.json' request

10164 Arvados Feature New Normal Additional Crunch job logging controls

18239 Arvados Story New Normal Add Kubernetes testing to CI

16561 Arvados Story New Normal Add "Listen" to Services config

17148 Arvados Feature New Normal add logging middleware to lib/cmd

12978 Arvados Feature New Normal Add method uuid() to collections

6143 GET-Evidence Bug New Normal Add 'nofollow' to download links for report Abram Connelly

1080 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal Add non-reference variant counts to metadata Madeleine Ball

16782 Arvados Epics Story New Normal Add-on module system

18501 Arvados Bug New Normal Add option in ARV GUI to open link in new tab

17674 Arvados Bug New Normal add profiling infrastructure to Rails API server

6257 Tapestry Story In Progress Normal Add public facing database dump, cron job and Arvados upload Abram Connelly

15425 Arvados Workbench 2 Story New Normal Add "search all versions" checkbox to Search UI

18197 Arvados Feature New Normal add search option to input selection when running a workflow

17168 Arvados Bug In Progress Normal Add some basic documentation about wb2 to user guide Sarah Zaranek

714 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal Add spam-control measures

1084 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal Add support for deCODE data Madeleine Ball

1085 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal Add support for Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) data Madeleine Ball

18970 Arvados Feature New Normal Add support for publicly shared collections (anonymous user)

15689 Arvados Feature New Normal Add the ability to start arvbox with a specific arvados repo

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