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835 GET-Evidence Bug New Urgent Error when saving edits or submitting

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17434 Arvados Bug New High project not shown in hierarchy on the left of wb2

17396 Arvados Bug New High Favorites copy dialog further issues

17300 Arvados Bug New High array of array of File causes 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'resolved'

16325 Arvados Bug New High Logs/outputs from Cancelled processes don't have properties.type="log"/"output"

16228 Arvados Bug New High NullPointerException while uploading file using Java SDK

15183 Arvados Bug New High [Workbench2] No errors reported when file is missing a block

468 GET-Evidence Bug New High latest-flat incorrectly displays non single-base substitution variants

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19166 Arvados Feature New Normal Container shell support for SLURM and LSF dispatchers

19163 Arvados Task New Normal Write rake task

19162 Arvados Task New Normal Add tests

19160 Arvados Task New Normal Review Peter Amstutz

19159 Arvados Task New Normal Review Peter Amstutz

19157 Arvados Task In Progress Normal Review 19144-wb-copy-collections-fix Peter Amstutz

19156 Arvados Task New Normal Design review at next engineering meeting

19153 Arvados Bug New Normal Issues with opening and sharing links to files in collections Daniel Kutyła

19150 Arvados Feature New Normal `arvados-server install -type=test -test-suite-user=X` should add user X to docker and fuse groups

19146 Arvados Feature New Normal (design) Return managed_by similar to writable_by

19145 Arvados Bug New Normal Frozen project still writable Tom Clegg

19143 Arvados Bug In Progress Normal Display 'Workflow' records in the Project listing Peter Amstutz

19142 Arvados Task New Normal Workbench 2: Avoid loading "mounts" section in the "Project" or "All process" view Lucas Di Pentima

19140 Arvados Feature New Normal Document a process by which you would set up a service account

19139 Arvados Bug New Normal Regular users should not be able to create user records; creating a user does not make admin the "owner" of that user

19121 Arvados Task New Normal Review Peter Amstutz

19117 Arvados Task New Normal Review Stephen Smith

19114 Arvados Task New Normal Review Tom Clegg

19093 Arvados Feature New Normal Process details should display a warning if "container_count" is greater than 1 (meaning it failed and was retried)

19091 Arvados Feature New Normal Managed property to assert valid unix username

19088 Arvados Feature New Normal Expose properties as S3 tags in keep-web

19086 Arvados Feature New Normal Can provide input JSON/YAML when launching a Workflow as an alternative to the input form Peter Amstutz

19082 Arvados Feature New Normal Scale default keep cache request with cores or RAM request

19081 Arvados Bug In Progress Normal Possible bug passing cmd line arguments with spaces to singularity Tom Clegg

19080 Arvados Feature New Normal Offer to un-trash items, instead of "not found" dialog

19079 Arvados Feature New Normal Need to be able to open links from advance search in new tab

19068 Arvados Task New Normal Review Ward Vandewege

19066 Arvados Task New Normal Review Ward Vandewege

19065 Arvados Task New Normal Review Peter Amstutz

19064 Arvados Task New Normal Review Stephen Smith

19063 Arvados Task In Progress Normal Review 19052-fix-for-wrong-owner-on-search-list Daniel Kutyła

19060 Arvados Task In Progress Normal Review 15370-loopback-dispatchcloud Tom Clegg

19058 Arvados Support New Normal Add code scanning to jenkins pipeline

19057 Arvados Bug New Normal [controller] should not allow adding the same user to a VM more than one time

19056 Arvados Feature New Normal Environment variable / command line convention that specifies where to get HOST/TOKEN settings.conf

19053 Arvados Bug New Normal Update 'Technology' page to link to relevant parts of instead of wiki Peter Amstutz

19052 Arvados Bug Feedback Normal Advanced search shows wrong value in owner column Daniel Kutyła

19051 Arvados Bug New Normal Handle quotes in search strings correctly Daniel Kutyła

19048 Arvados Bug New Normal Copying a folder in collection file browser results in empty folder

19047 Arvados Feature New Normal Pythonic interface to launch workflows

19044 Arvados Task New Normal 27. Add the release to

19043 Arvados Task New Normal 26. Major releases only: Copy "run-tests" jobs in jenkins

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