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835 GET-Evidence Bug New Urgent Error when saving edits or submitting

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17434 Arvados Bug New High project not shown in hierarchy on the left of wb2

17396 Arvados Bug New High Favorites copy dialog further issues

17300 Arvados Bug New High array of array of File causes 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'resolved'

16325 Arvados Bug New High Logs/outputs from Cancelled processes don't have properties.type="log"/"output"

16228 Arvados Bug New High NullPointerException while uploading file using Java SDK

15183 Arvados Bug New High [Workbench2] No errors reported when file is missing a block

468 GET-Evidence Bug New High latest-flat incorrectly displays non single-base substitution variants

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17368 Arvados Task Feedback Normal 10. Deploy RC to su92l Peter Amstutz

17166 Arvados Support Feedback Normal Set up CWL project jenkins server

16501 Arvados Task Feedback Normal 9. Run bam-to-vcf pipeline on playground Sarah Zaranek

13832 Arvados Workbench 2 Story Feedback Normal [Data operations] Make a copy (projects)

13677 Arvados Workbench 2 Feature Feedback Normal [Workbench] System status information

8504 Arvados Bug Feedback Normal [Workbench] Times out before API server loading active pipeline instances Joshua Randall

5678 Arvados Task Feedback Normal Review 4685-crunch-cwl-support

13533 Arvados Feature Feedback Normal option to specify vcpu runtime constraints on arvados-cwl-runner when using --submit Joshua Randall

13642 Arvados Feature Feedback Normal keepstore backend for ceph librados Joshua Randall

578 GET-Evidence Feature Feedback Normal Improve reporting of variant/allele frequencies

19151 Arvados Task In Progress Normal Review 19143-project-list-workflows Lucas Di Pentima

19143 Arvados Bug In Progress Normal Display 'Workflow' records in the Project listing Peter Amstutz

19122 Arvados Task In Progress Normal Review 19069-workflow-launching Peter Amstutz

19118 Arvados Task In Progress Normal Review 16583-intermediate-collections on Workbench 2 Peter Amstutz

19069 Arvados Bug In Progress Normal launch workflow improvements Peter Amstutz

19063 Arvados Task In Progress Normal Review 19052-fix-for-wrong-owner-on-search-list Daniel Kutyła

19060 Arvados Task In Progress Normal Review 15370-loopback-dispatchcloud Tom Clegg

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