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  Tapestry - Testing and Upgrading + features 3 Collapse all/Expand all
2850 Phil Hodgson New Story Comprehensive "Sectioning" of Tapestry
2552 Phil Hodgson New Story Configurable mini-consent form and validations
2544 Phil Hodgson New Story The "site override" feature is tested
  GET-Evidence - Upgrade work 3 Collapse all/Expand all
5873 Abram Connelly New Feature GET-Evidence pipeline code should be public
5883 Abram Connelly New Bug migrate to updated oauth
5872 Abram Connelly In Progress Bug 23andMe report pipeline is broken
  Support - Pipeline Future Sprints 1 Collapse all/Expand all
8563 Sarah Guthrie In Progress Story [Docs] Pipeline author guide gives a basic demonstration of including a third-party tool
  Tapestry - Interpretation automation 3 Collapse all/Expand all
8707 Tom Clegg In Progress Feature Arvados job: download data from remote site into Keep Related to #8688
8689 Tom Clegg In Progress Feature Trigger an arvados job to retrieve the data and import it into Keep Related to #8688
8697 Tom Clegg In Progress Feature Check for finished download/processing jobs
  Arvados - Deferred 2 Collapse all/Expand all
3304 Tom Clegg New Story [Workbench] Add checkboxes to multi-type chooser modal to filter by object type
3257 Phil Hodgson In Progress Bug [Workbench] Hard to find user agreement after it has been signed
  Arvados - 2021-05-12 sprint 26 Collapse all/Expand all
17589 Peter Amstutz In Progress Bug [arv-mount] hangs on ls keep/home/, slowly increasing memory Blocks #17512
17296 Tom Clegg In Progress Story Singularity proof of concept Related to #17241, Related to #16305
17653 Lucas Di Pentima In Progress Bug Apply security related upgrades
17657 Tom Clegg In Progress Feature [container shell] support SSH port forwarding Related to #17207
17607 Javier Bértoli In Progress Feature [deployment][provision][arvados-formula] register shell nodes with Arvados Blocks #17512, Blocks #17601
17595 Daniel Kutyła In Progress Bug Selecting multiple collections as inputs to a workflow Blocks #17512
16647 Daniel Kutyła In Progress Feature Responsible person
17608 Javier Bértoli Feedback Feature [deployment][arvados-formula] run @arvados-server --config-check@ on all the roles but shell Blocks #17512
17602 Javier Bértoli Feedback Bug [deployment][arvados-formula] anonymous token is not being added in the config Blocks #17512
8363 Lucas Di Pentima New Feature crunch-run scans arv-mount logging for errors Related to #15727
17601 Javier Bértoli New Bug [deployment][arvados-formula] webshell needs a cron for login-sync Blocks #17512, Blocked by #17607
17603 Javier Bértoli New Bug [deployment][provision] webshell nginx pillar is being deployed but not applied Blocks #17512
17604 Javier Bértoli New Bug [deployment][provision][arvados-formula] remove @*--collections@ and use @*.collections@ Blocks #17512
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