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  Tapestry - Testing and Upgrading + features 3 Collapse all/Expand all
2850 Phil Hodgson New Story Comprehensive "Sectioning" of Tapestry
2552 Phil Hodgson New Story Configurable mini-consent form and validations
2544 Phil Hodgson New Story The "site override" feature is tested
  GET-Evidence - Upgrade work 3 Collapse all/Expand all
5873 Abram Connelly New Feature GET-Evidence pipeline code should be public
5883 Abram Connelly New Bug migrate to updated oauth
5872 Abram Connelly In Progress Bug 23andMe report pipeline is broken
  Support - Pipeline Future Sprints 1 Collapse all/Expand all
8563 Sarah Guthrie In Progress Story [Docs] Pipeline author guide gives a basic demonstration of including a third-party tool
  Arvados - 2020-06-17 Sprint 32 Collapse all/Expand all
16427 Tom Clegg In Progress Story "undelete" command to recover trashed blocks and restore a deleted collection Related to #16421
16007 Peter Amstutz In Progress Bug Permission graph update is slow with large numbers of groups Related to #16443
16457 Lucas Di Pentima In Progress Bug [ws] websocket server should obey TLS.Insecure config when connecting to controller, but doesn't
16171 Tom Clegg In Progress Feature Support generic OpenID Connect login provider Related to #15322
16382 Peter Amstutz In Progress Bug arvados-cwl-conformance-tests failing in jenkins Related to #16482
16314 Peter Amstutz New Story arvbox uses PAM login instead of SSO Related to #15322
16470 Lucas Di Pentima New Bug Update to Rails 5.2 Related to #16469
16471 Javier Bértoli New Story Install docs mention using Salt
16474 Peter Amstutz New Story Auto-logout & token expiry feature (GxP writeup)
16425 Tom Clegg New Bug [keepstore] should not scan directories it doesn't write in
16462 Nico César New Feature Expand arvados-controller to expose forecast features
16389 Ward Vandewege In Progress Feature [k8s] add support for Amazon EKS Blocks #16303
16374 Nico César In Progress Bug Improve golang documentation
16482 Ward Vandewege In Progress Bug [crunch] bump a-c-r's cwltool dependency to pass CWL v1.2.0-dev3 tests Related to #16382
16439 Lucas Di Pentima In Progress Bug New projects/collections sometimes added to the wrong place
16437 Daniel Kutyła In Progress Feature Indicate when projects are not editable by user Related to #16118
16476 Ward Vandewege In Progress Feature Upgrade the arvados/jobs image to Debian Buster Copied from #14819
16480 Tom Clegg New Bug [keep-balance] should not timeout/fail when keepstore index takes more than 5 minutes
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