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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Updated % Done Hours
16554 Tapestry Feature New Normal opt-in participant survey reminders 06/26/2020 01:12 AM

8707 Tapestry Feature In Progress Normal Arvados job: download data from remote site into Keep Tom Clegg 05/06/2019 05:04 PM

11152 Tapestry Bug New Normal "There are 4 third party activities currently seeking participants." - but there are 5 02/22/2017 05:40 PM

10145 Tapestry Story New Normal Provide link to project/colleciton that datasets reside in that are public from users profile page 09/28/2016 06:20 PM

9673 Tapestry Support New Normal New consent doc for Harvard PGP 09/08/2016 07:59 PM

9672 Tapestry Bug New Normal Install extension to allow password reset on RT 07/27/2016 04:54 PM

9284 Tapestry Feature New Normal Welcome e-mail feature 07/27/2016 04:43 PM

9411 Tapestry Support New Normal Change 30 day release window to 31 days 06/15/2016 04:14 PM

8689 Tapestry Feature In Progress Normal Trigger an arvados job to retrieve the data and import it into Keep Tom Clegg 04/21/2016 02:21 PM

9027 Tapestry Feature New Normal Incorporate coverage info from get-evidence dataset_reports in publication statistics 04/20/2016 08:20 PM

9026 Tapestry Task New Normal Retrieve coverage metadata from get-evidence jobs Tom Clegg 04/20/2016 08:19 PM

8697 Tapestry Feature In Progress Normal Check for finished download/processing jobs Tom Clegg 03/24/2016 06:48 PM

8796 Tapestry Task New Normal Poll arvados for finished pipelines, resolve/reject relevant ArvadosJob Tom Clegg 03/24/2016 06:48 PM

8794 Tapestry Task New Normal Notify user that transfer has been initiated Tom Clegg 03/24/2016 06:47 PM

8698 Tapestry Feature New Normal When UserFile data is updated, if it has a suitable data type, submit report-generator jobs 03/18/2016 12:32 AM

7826 Tapestry Bug New Normal Make sure that datasets which are served from Keep via get-evidence have collections 02/07/2016 08:10 PM

8322 Tapestry Bug New Normal Specimens showing up in profile but not in "/specimens" page 01/29/2016 08:17 PM

8155 Tapestry Bug New Normal Fix bulk mail "send" link 01/07/2016 05:30 PM

7815 Tapestry Feature New Normal If a dataset has been released to a user but they have not seen it yet, force-redirect to /specimen_analysis_data after they log in 11/16/2015 10:07 PM

7673 Tapestry Bug New Normal OH integration token appears to time out after a while, user is presented with 'refresh token' 10/28/2015 04:18 PM

7134 Tapestry Story New Normal Set up sandbox development environment with a dummy keep server and some real data 08/26/2015 04:41 PM

6924 Tapestry Bug In Progress Normal Google survey participation link should work for newly created surveys, too Tom Clegg 08/06/2015 07:04 PM

6925 Tapestry Task New Normal Review 6924-survey-field-id Ward Vandewege 08/06/2015 05:26 PM

6915 Tapestry Task New Normal review 6914-prepopulate-twin-recontact-fields-when-reconsenting Tom Clegg 08/05/2015 09:38 PM

6634 Tapestry Feature New Normal improve open humans flow 07/15/2015 04:35 PM

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