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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Updated % Done Hours
18665 Arvados Support New Normal Update setting API_HOST and API_TOKEN part of VSCode training Peter Amstutz 01/21/2022 10:35 PM

17583 Arvados Feature In Progress Normal Remote controller forwards trusted client aware calls on a federated scenario Lucas Di Pentima 01/21/2022 09:58 PM

17872 Arvados Task In Progress Normal Review 17583-federated-token-reqs Peter Amstutz 01/21/2022 09:58 PM

18640 Arvados Bug New Normal [installer] certbot certificate names are different from the domains they cover when using let's encrypt 01/20/2022 10:03 PM

18487 Arvados Bug In Progress Normal controller fails to start when vocab properties file is invalid (e.g. duplicate synonyms) Lucas Di Pentima 01/20/2022 09:53 PM

18568 Arvados Task In Progress Normal Review 18487-vocab-config-check Ward Vandewege 01/20/2022 09:53 PM

18663 Arvados Bug New Normal [installer] keep-balance role is missing 01/20/2022 09:04 PM

18479 Arvados Story In Progress Normal Generate CWL conformance badges Peter Amstutz 01/20/2022 09:03 PM

18636 Arvados Bug New Normal [installer] when using let's encrypt, re-running the provision script is extremely slow 01/20/2022 08:52 PM

18651 Arvados Feature New Normal Design for helper methods for working with vocabularies Peter Amstutz 01/20/2022 06:21 PM

18661 Arvados Workbench 2 Bug New Normal Refresh Button makes the project's listing to flicker while it loads 2 times in a row Lucas Di Pentima 01/20/2022 06:01 PM

18645 Arvados Feature New Normal Design for search in dialogue window to select Project Peter Amstutz 01/20/2022 05:21 PM

18628 Arvados Bug New Normal "owner" column should show user/project name Stephen Smith 01/20/2022 05:09 PM

18626 Arvados Task In Progress Normal Review 18326-cuda-docs Peter Amstutz 01/20/2022 04:38 PM

18326 Arvados Story In Progress Normal Documentation of CUDA support Peter Amstutz 01/20/2022 04:35 PM

18657 Arvados Bug New Normal fix arvbox "passenger-config not found" error Peter Amstutz 01/20/2022 02:46 PM

18656 Arvados Feature New Normal expression to dynamically request number of gpus 01/20/2022 02:45 PM

16951 Arvados Bug In Progress Normal Can refresh listing when opening context menu, resulting in wrong item being operated on. Daniel Kutyła 01/19/2022 10:22 PM

18655 Arvados Support New Normal Merge arvados-java PRs 01/19/2022 09:53 PM

18284 Arvados Bug In Progress Normal VM listing buggy in workbench2 Stephen Smith 01/19/2022 05:03 PM

17290 Arvados Bug In Progress Normal Create collections from selected files issue Daniel Kutyła 01/19/2022 05:03 PM

18315 Arvados Workbench 2 Bug In Progress Normal Collection panel refresh issues. Daniel Kutyła 01/19/2022 05:03 PM

18177 Arvados Story New Normal Write next blog post about TensorFlow and GPU support on Arvados Peter Amstutz 01/19/2022 05:03 PM

16727 Arvados Bug New Normal [FUSE] [cgofuse] Refresh signatures / reload collection instead of using expired blob signatures Tom Clegg 01/19/2022 05:02 PM

18652 Arvados Task New Normal Review Lucas Di Pentima 01/19/2022 04:58 PM

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