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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assigned To Updated % Done Hours
6257 Tapestry Story In Progress Normal Add public facing database dump, cron job and Arvados upload Abram Connelly 07/07/2015 04:22 PM

6143 GET-Evidence Bug New Normal Add 'nofollow' to download links for report Abram Connelly 05/27/2015 08:21 PM

5883 GET-Evidence Bug New Normal migrate to updated oauth Abram Connelly 05/19/2015 03:04 PM

5873 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal GET-Evidence pipeline code should be public Abram Connelly 05/20/2015 10:06 PM

5872 GET-Evidence Bug In Progress Normal 23andMe report pipeline is broken Abram Connelly 05/14/2015 09:57 PM

5001 Lightning Story New Normal Create a API interface to the public tile library including a "beacon" Abram Connelly 05/28/2019 05:34 PM

4827 Lightning Story New Normal Automatic Deployment Implementation Abram Connelly 05/28/2019 05:31 PM

14622 GET-Evidence Bug New Normal Annotate l7g CWL pipeline Ben Carr 12/17/2018 02:15 PM

11392 Arvados Task New Normal Review Bryan Cosca 07/06/2021 09:19 PM

7749 Arvados Task New Normal Draw UI Implementation Bryan Cosca 07/07/2021 06:30 PM

18207 Arvados Bug In Progress Normal Workbench2 is not clearing the project content when switching Daniel Kutyła 10/22/2021 12:39 PM

18195 Arvados Bug In Progress Normal Refresh Button does not seem to refresh the sidebar tree Daniel Kutyła 10/25/2021 05:47 PM

18169 Arvados Bug In Progress Normal WB2 drag and drop: cancel button not working Daniel Kutyła 10/18/2021 01:19 PM

18028 Arvados Bug In Progress Normal Context menu for process inside folders should have same menu items as on the "All processes" page Daniel Kutyła 10/13/2021 03:47 PM

17555 Arvados Task In Progress Normal Review 16971-Issues-with-Project-and-Collection-name-description-not-being-saved-shown Daniel Kutyła 06/24/2021 08:21 PM

17403 Arvados Task In Progress Normal Review 17337-files-not-visible-in-arvados Daniel Kutyła 03/31/2021 03:23 PM

17290 Arvados Bug New Normal Create collections from selected files issue Daniel Kutyła 10/13/2021 03:43 PM

16951 Arvados Bug In Progress Normal Can refresh listing when opening context menu, resulting in wrong item being operated on. Daniel Kutyła 10/13/2021 03:47 PM

16071 Arvados Workbench 2 Story New Normal [Process view] [Collection view] Provenance, parent workflow (for child containers) Daniel Kutyła 09/14/2021 07:20 PM

15550 Arvados Task New Normal Review Eric Biagiotti 02/12/2020 03:02 PM

529 GET-Evidence Feature New Normal Interpret phased (haplotype) data Evan Maxwell 07/07/2011 02:20 PM

18189 Arvados Bug New Normal [deployment][provision] webshell configuration needs to be reviewed Javier Bértoli 10/13/2021 03:16 PM

18125 Arvados Feature New Normal [deployment][provision][documentation] explain how to use a custom/existing postgresql RDBMS Javier Bértoli 09/13/2021 10:12 PM

17938 Arvados Bug New Normal [deployment][arvados-formula] shell node centos-7 packages Javier Bértoli 07/23/2021 07:08 PM

17787 Arvados Bug New Normal [deployment][arvados-formula][webshell] centos 7 pam configuration needs to be modified Javier Bértoli 10/13/2021 03:23 PM

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