Story #16068

Updated by Peter Amstutz about 1 year ago

Merge the "Process info" and "process details" panels. description TBD 

 old description: 

 Use "ProcessDetailsAttributes" for both the right hand details and the info panel.   

 Update ProcessDetailsAttributes to include the following fields: 

 * Name Run summary (start/stop time) 
 * UUID 
 * Owner UUID (ResourceOwnerWithName) 
 * Container status (queued, running, complete, failed) ("Locked" state should be rendered as "queued") this should continue to be rendered as a badge with color like who it is now 
 * User it ran as (this 
 container uuid (it is "runtime_user_uuid" of the underlying container object) (ResourceOwnerWithName) being displayed as text) 
 * Create time runtime constraints (enhance display style?) 
 * Start time 
 * End time 
 * Run time (or "now" if not done yet) 
 * Link to output_path is being displayed instead of output collection collection? 
 * Link to log collection 
 * Link to docker image collection 
 * Link to "requesting_container_uuid" (if non-null) 
 * Properties 

 Things that Container status "Locked" should be displayed show "Queued" status. Also: update process status filtering in separate, additional panels (will be separate stories): 

 * Logs 
 * Input collections 
 * Command line 
 * Runtime constraints / scheduling constraints / output storage class 

 (note: we might consider refactoring some of the fields currently listed in "details" into one of these other panels, but they have to be implemented first). 
 this same sense.