Story #18846

Updated by Peter Amstutz over 1 year ago

h2. Where is the data stored? 

 * Arvados project properties 
 ** Searchable 
 ** report generator must have write access 
 * Arvados link objects 
 ** Can describe things that the user account doesn't have write access to 
 * Description field 
 ** Report generator adds link to badge in description 
 ** Not searchable (unless it also fills in metadata) 
 ** report generator must have write access 
 * External service 

 h2. How is the data rendered? 

 * Plugin (written in javascript / typescript) 
 ** Read properties or link metadata, render arbitrary presentation 
 ** cons: More complex implementation, need to build custom workbench with plugin enabled 
 * Badge 
 ** fetch image by URL and render it as clickable link 
 ** cons: Rendering issues 
 * Fetch HTML by URL and inject it into the page 
 ** Can render anything 
 ** Requires external service 
 ** cons: Rendering issues 
 ** cons: Security issues 

 h2. How is it configured? 

 * Plugin 
 ** Requires compiling custom workbench package 
 * Config file 
 ** Would be part of public global config 
 * Filling in description field 
 ** no global configuration required 

 idea: lightweight parameter substitution system for description field, which gives access to fields of the current record. 

 need to make the description field on projects more visible