Story #18693

Updated by Peter Amstutz 11 months ago

It's confusing and potentially error prone to have multiple identical permission links, e.g. three link records all granting "can_read" going from the same user to the same project.    For example, there's 50 users with read access to a project, but one user is listed 3 times.    Someone goes it to remove that user's access, but only deletes one or two of the links, not all three. 

 Proposed change: 

 conflicting: permission link with same or lower permission (e.g. adding a write permission conflicts with an existing read permission) 

 * "create" command: if there is a conflicting permission link, update there's already an equivalent permission, return the existing permission link and return that 
 * "update" command: if a link it is updated so it conflicts with another permission link, where there is already an equivalent permission, delete either the other conflicting new or old link 
 * "delete" command: delete doesn't change because there shouldn't be multiple conflicting all links with equivalent permission 
 * perform a data migration to remove any duplicated links