Bug #18867

Updated by Peter Amstutz over 2 years ago

The effect is 

 >    2022-03-15T15:07:57.132119688Z stderr ERROR: R_HOME ('/usr/lib/R') not found 

 This appears to be due to the bug reported here: 

 The gist is: 

 # Container has glibc 2.33 
 # When checking if a file or directory is executable, the new glibc uses a different system call than it used to 
 # This system call is not on the list of permitted system calls inside Docker containers, so it gets a "operation not permitted" error 
 # Because it returns an error, it thinks the directory doesn't exist (although it does)  
 # As a result, R refuses to start, with a very misleading error message 

 This is reportedly fixed since Docker 20.10 

 This means we will need to upgrade to Docker 20.10 or later everywhere.